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Dear Mumma, 7 Things I Want To Say To You Before I Get Married!

Dear Mumma, 7 Things I Want To Say To You Before I Get Married!

Dear Maa,

I can't believe I'm getting married already and you out of all people know that I'm freaking out. Well, more on that later because this right now, is just about you! Here are some things I haven't said to you that I really want you to know before I get married and embark upon my new journey as Mrs. So, here they are...

1. You're the best cook and even though I tend to do nakhras about homecooked food, the truth is that I can't get enough of it...

...and I'm going to miss your haath ka khana terribly after I get married! 

2. Only and only you can find my stuff easily from the pile of garbage I call my room!

Even if it's right there in front of my eyes, I need you to hand it to me 'coz #spoiled! Just kidding! You have some magical powers maa, powers that you have no idea about! And I don't know what I'll do without my superwoman... I'll miss you so much *sobs in a corner*


3. You will always be my priority, my number one!

Even though I will be married and will have responsibilities towards my husband and new family, you will always be the one I put first. Daughter first, wife later!

4. I'll consider myself lucky if I can be half the person, mother, wife and daughter-in-law that you are!

You have and will always be my role model. People say I'm a splitting image of you, that I look exactly like you but I want to be just like you, both inside and out!

4 mom daughter

5. I hope I share a good equation and a healthy relationship with my mom-in-law, and I really hope you can help me with it!

Yes, she'll be important in my life and I'll want to keep her happy, but you will always be you! So don't be jealous okay? All three of us will go out for movies and shopping, and we'll have a lot of fun! But, I'll secretly always love you more!!!

6. I know it will take some time for you to gel with him, but I really hope that you and my husband can form a beautiful bond... It means a lot to me!

He's a great guy and you know it! That is why you agreed for the wedding. He'll be a great son-in-law (read: son), so please don't treat him like a cliche damaad. No, 150 dishes don't need to be served when he comes home, okay? Just chill!

6 mom daughter

7. I love you and I'll miss you the most!

There are no other words that can describe how much you mean to me and always will.


Your little girl, forever and always.

We know if you say all these things to her then you'll both get emotional and shed some tears too, but hey, your mom deserves to know all this!

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