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9 *Magical* Mascaras To Have Your BEST Lash Game Ever!

Dramatic lashes can make a world of a difference to your entire look. For me, personally, having multiple mascaras in my beauty arsenal is an absolute must. It is perfect for the no makeup look, or for those times you want to highlight your eyes for a wedding. But why invest in multiple mascaras instead of one? While some mascaras build on the lashes and make them appear voluminous, others separate every single lash making them look longer. And I think it’s best to have both volumizing and lengthening formulas in your makeup kit. The options are endless, and it completely depends on the look you want to go for on a given day. Honestly, I could go on writing about mascaras and how awesome they are, but let’s cut to the chase and give you this useful list of magical mascaras that will make your eyelash game stronger than ever!

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Published on Apr 25, 2018
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