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My Skin But Better: Base Makeup For The Perfect No Makeup Look!

The no makeup makeup look has slowly found its way to the top of most of our favourite looks list. Natural beauty is one thing, and enhanced natural beauty is another. The subtle, dewy and soft finish is attainable once you have the right tricks up your sleeve, and of course, the right product in your makeup kit. Now before I go on and on gushing over how fabulous the understated, natural makeup look looks, let’s jump right into tips to get it right, shall we?

Tips to get a natural base look

1. Prepping your skin is the key: And by this, we don’t mean just cleansing it. You must load it with moisturiser. In fact, do the CTM (cleanse, tone and moisturise) routine, then use some serum to hydrate is a bit more. This will prep the canvas for makeup that will blend easily. Applying a primer before the base helps set your foundation better and stays on for hours altogether.

2. Blend, blend… and then blend some more: One tip to make your base looks like second skin is to have the right blending tools and of course, patience. Whether it is a sponge, brush or your fingers, dot on your foundation and then dab it until it’s spread evenly and blended seamlessly into your skin. The key to your foundation looking fab IS, in fact, blending it well.

3. Figure out the right amount of product for your face: This is dependent on a number of factors. Your skin type, tone and undertone. Test the foundation on your face or jawline before selecting the one for yourself. Half the battle is won once you have found the right shade of foundation in your beauty arsenal.

4. Setting spray is a must: No, it isn’t yet another add-on to your makeup routine. Setting spray is a must because it leaves a subtle luminous touch on your face while making the foundation stay longer. This also gives the skin a boost of hydration which is always welcome.

5. Concealer for dark spots: If you have dark spots and blemishes on your face and you want to appear flawless, then the foundation isn’t the only product you need. You will need a separate concealer to take care of dark circles, spots and blemishes. Choose one as per your skin type and complexion.

6. Powder up, pretty: A setting powder will give you the desired finish of your base that is bound to look as natural as ever once you’ve blended it well and topped it with setting powder.

My Top 5 Bases That Look As Natural As Second Skin!

Published on Apr 28, 2018
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