The 2018 Guide To Having Sex As A Virgin & Enjoying It!

The 2018 Guide To Having Sex As A Virgin & Enjoying It!

If you're planning to have sex in 2018, you should know that things have changed. No, really. The world of sex keeps evolving and we need to keep up with it. As a virgin, having sex will definitely be a troubling thought, and that's okay! We've all been there. Which is why we have a handy guide with sex tips to help you understand what first time sex is like and how to actually enjoy it!

1. Embrace the fear

Of course you're overthinking about what's going to happen. That's the most normal way to go about it. Sex as an experience can be life changing but it is also your chance to understand your body better. The best choice would be to talk about it to your partner, there needs to be an ounce of comfort between the two of you. And in case you're worried it will hurt (which it does just a teeny tiny bit) then keep a water-base lube handy so it's easier for you as well. Also, remember to never skip the condom!

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2. Keep it simple, silly!

Stop trying to make it amazing. Sex, for the first time, can be a little difficult to understand so the more complicated you make it, the more you reduce your chances to actually reaching climax. Skip the candles (they never do any good), the chocolates and flower petals. Just keep all that love for your partner in your heart and you're good to go!

2 sex guide 2018 - new girl jess

3. Get lacey

Investing a great piece of lingerie is a great idea. The sexier you feel, the more comfortable you'd be with the idea of being naked in front of someone else. But make sure the lingerie doesn't end up making you feel uncomfortable, the fabric should be soft and no underwires please!

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4. Kiss kiss, bang bang

Foreplay is the key to a great first time sex experience so focus on that. Start slow and then move up the pace. Undress your partner (and guide him to undress you) while you're kissing so there is no awkward moment of taking off your clothes. 

4 sex guide 2018 - couple kissing

5. Be the guide

Just because it is your first time doesn't mean you have to just lie in bed like a starfish. Especially if it is your partner's first time too. Take his hands and place them where you want them to be, tell him to go faster or slower or what he can do better. Never hesitate with that.

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6. Get handsy

Your hands should always be moving! From his hair to his chest to his penis. While you're at it, hold his hands during sex to add that extra bit of intimacy.

6 sex guide 2018 - couple kissing handsy

7. Say no when you want to say no

Learning to say no is a huge part of having sex. Somethings will be a huge no-no for you and sometimes you just need a bit more time to try something in bed. All those times, you have to say no and mean it. Nobody who loves you should be forcing you to do anything. You're the master of your own pleasure, above anything. 

8. Go for the new tricks in the bag

Let go of the same old tricks and tips and try some new ones. You might not perfect them the first time but they're still worth a shot. For example, here is how you can help him find your G-spot. Before you have sex, insert your fingers in your vagina about two inches. It's a little ridged spot that will instantly make you feel like you need to pee. Remember that spot and go pee. Then try again. Now you know the sensation isn't real so keep going and the G-spot will be all yours. So when he gets down to fingering you, make sure you whisper this little trick to him.

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