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#DreamDeal: This Steve Madden Handbag Is At Flat 51% Off Only For TODAY!

#DreamDeal: This Steve Madden Handbag Is At Flat 51% Off Only For TODAY!

February and August are the two favourite months for every fashionista. You know why? Because these are the peak sale months when all our dreams come true, that too, at slashed prices. But what if I tell you that you don't have to wait another four months to finally shop your heart out? What if I tell you that the expensive bag you've been eyeing for so long could be yours, in 3-4 business days, with a fat discount on it? Don't worry, it's not another April Fools' Day prank of ours (BTW, really sorry for that!). We'll drop some hints for you to guess what's this offer we're talking about.


1. It's a sling bag - so all your date nights, parties and special occasions are sorted.

2. It's got a quirky print that'll go with all your outfits from dresses to t-shirts. Dear 20-something, are you listening?

3. You cross this international brand whenever you go to the mall but, somehow, never push that damn door. Yeah, I know they have an open showroom, but you get the drift. 

Okay, fine. We'll tell you. Actually, we'll show you.

1 handbag - steve madden

Brand: Steve Madden

Original price: Rs 3,999

Price for you: Rs 1,994

Yes! This super cool white and black printed flap sling bag is at a whopping 51% off on online order and we can't keep calm. Apart from the three-fold reasons for buying this bag that we mentioned above, the real reason is that there's nothing that a new bag, I'm sorry, there's nothing that a new Steve Madden can't fix!

Mid-week, mid-month or mid-life crisis, this is the right time to put your savings to use. Here are a few pictures of the bag for you to swoon over.

2 handbag - printed bag

Reminds us of the last page of our 'rough notebook' from school. Let's bring some of that fun back to our lives, shall we?

3 handbag - inside view of the bag

Cute as a button and spacious enough for all your everyday essentials.

4 handbag - side view of the bag

Convinced? We thought so!

Get this Steve Madden Printed Sling Bag at a flat 51% off only till 11:59 PM, 22nd April ie today! Trust us, you don't want these types of regrets later. They hurt more than that ex-boyfriend you wish you never had.

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