These Smart & Sneaky Ways Will Save You Money On Your Phone Bill

These Smart & Sneaky Ways Will Save You Money On Your Phone Bill

A common complaint most millennials have is the fact that having fun has become really expensive in recent times! And while owning a smartphone is all kinds of awesome, the monthly phone bills are a sore spot for most of us. And while we all know of the fake promises we girls make to cut down on our phone use, it just ain’t happening!

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Fortunately, there are few corners you can cut to come out looking like the winner with your phone bills. While openly advertised on their websites, many of us don’t know the lucrative offers given by the top telecom providers in the country. Call it indifference or the tendency of young people to be careless when it comes to saving up dough, there are attractive prepaid and postpaid offers that might have missed your notice. Well, that is exactly what we are going to talk about today!

We dug up some pretty awesome subscriptions for you that will help you save money on your phone bill. Depending on what kind of user you are, we have all the deets for cash savings right here. For now, we have focussed on Vodafone and Airtel since they have a large customer base and are one of best service providers in the country.

1. The ‘On Call’ Doc

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With Vodafone prepaid SuperPlans, you get unlimited calling and data benefits at very attractive prices. For instance, for just a fee of Rs 349 per month, you get unlimited local, STD and roaming calls within India with 2.5 GB 4G/3G per day.

Postpaid users can pick from the many Bonus Packs Vodafone offers for its users. Ranging from Rs 40- 400, you can pick packs for STD, ISD, Nights Minutes and local calls. If you have willing participants, the Red Together plan lets you loop in friends and family members to avail shred discount on your monthly phone bills, based on the people involved in the plan.


Prepaid users rejoice! Airtel's new Rs. 93 prepaid recharge plan offers 1GB of 3G/4G data for a period of 10 days. Airtel's Rs. 93 prepaid recharge plan also gives users unlimited local, STD and roaming calls along with 100 SMSes.

Depending on where you live, Airtel offers special Postpaid Infinity plans which involve benefits of unlimited calling, SMS, Airtel TV, Wynk Music and Handset Protection.  

2. The Data Hound

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Apart from your usual internet packs recharges, Vodafone offers 121 offers that are tailored according to your data use. From cashbacks to added data, these offers are specifically designed to suit your phone number.

Don't pay extra if you have exhausted the internet quota on your postpaid number for the month! Vodafone offers one-time Booster Packs if you'd like to get back to 3G/4G speeds for the rest of the month. These packs are removed at the end of your ongoing bill cycle and are available in very good prices.   


To compete with category killer JIO, Airtel introduced the Rs 799 plan for its prepaid users. With this recharge, Airtel prepaid customers can enjoy unlimited local & STD calls and 3GB 3G/4G data per day with a validity of 28 days.

With Airtel’s Create Your Family Plan, you can break up and share your plan with up to 5 members and trust us, that goes a long in cost-saving schemes!

3. The Jetsetter

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What we love about Vodafone’s prepaid and postpaid Roaming Packs, is that they come in great prices with a validity of 1 day or 7 days or 6 months and more. Whether you are driving out over the weekend or taking a long vacation, you can find a great roaming pack with this one!


Depending on where you are travelling to, Airtel offers Roaming Pack & Roaming Rate Cutter Recharge to customers in need of a cost-saving option while travelling.

4. On A Paytm Payroll

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Love it or hate it, the demonetization had one great consequence for the Indian population...the acceptance of digital cash and wallets. With the rise of Paytm, came the company’s way of showing appreciation with a variety of offers on prepaid recharges and postpaid billing. Look towards Paytm for all your phone spendings and enjoy a bunch of perks!

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