21 Signs You Are Ready To Get Married... To Him!

21 Signs You Are Ready To Get Married... To Him!

It doesn't matter whether you've been with your partner since childhood or just got together a few months back, you just know when he's THE one. You love spending time with him, you know almost everything about each other, you're really comfortable and feel safe when he's around and you just love him so much. When you spend so much time with a person, it becomes difficult to figure out and decide if it's time to take the relationship to the next level. Here are some clear signs that tell you are ready to take the plunge and get married, already. Here goes...

1. You are one unit - nobody refers to you as two individuals anymore! You're always invited to parties, get-togethers and other celebratons together. Moreover, you have started attending each other's family weddings and everybody in his fam loves you and vice-versa!

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2. Your friends and family call him when they can't get through to you and vice-versa! It's a given that you'll both always know where the other one is...

3. You are not divided in your thoughts about getting married to him or not. You are actually just waiting for the proposal!


4. You know that if he proposes you today, and asks you to marry him within a month, you'll happily agree!

5. Conversations like 'we will never name our child that' are not at all awkward!

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6. You have a weird telepathic connection that nobody apart from you two can understand!


7. You have a crazy set of made-up words that literally do not mean anything, but are a part of your everyday conversation! And people judge you for it but you don't care!

8. Birthday gifts have gone from 'here's a luxurious item which cost me half my monthly salary' to 'hey, here's something you needed and were too lazy to buy! And also, sorry I forgot to wrap it!'

9. You can comfortably tell each other everything! You don't take offence when he tells you that he doesn't like your dress, and he doesn't mind it when you tell him that his haircut makes him look hideous!


10. You can have discussions about Kattappa ne Baahubali ko kyun maara and have intense conversations about the meaning of life and death and be equally comfortable doing both.

11. His nieces and nephews already call you chachi and mami, and you love it!

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12. People keep asking you why you two don't get married already and you honestly have no answer to that!


13. You sometimes forget the concept of being in a public place and start being all mushy and cute with each other... It takes a while before you realise you need to stop!

14. You've adopted each other's catch-phrases and mannerisms! You don't even remember whose thing it was originally, but now it's just a couple thing.

15. You have heard every possible story about each other's school, college, family and friends. Not just once, but multiple times! So whenever someone starts a story, you always know how it ends!


16. You have taught each other at least one skill - be it cooking, a card game, parallel parking or all of them!

17. You know who will head what chores after you get married... You didn't even have to discuss it!

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18. You know each other's jam way to well!


19. You can take one look at his face and know that something is up... And the same goes for him too! You also know how to uplift each other's mood without annoying the other person.

20. He can be super gross when he's with you but you still think he is the cutest person on the planet, and of course, vice versa!

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21. You just know that marrying him will be the happiest and best thing to ever happen to you. And you can't wait!


Sooo, how many did you tick off?

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