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7 Sexy Things You And Your Man Can Do When You Are On Your Period

7 Sexy Things You And Your Man Can Do When You Are On Your Period

Periods suck for more reasons than I can count. However, they suck a little too much if you're sexually active. But did you know that there are a lot of other erotic things you can do with your partner when you are on your period apart from having sex? So, basically, a dry spell isn't really a dry spell. After all, why should something stop you from having those great moments, anyway?? Read on to know what we're talking about!

1. Make-out

You know what's hot? A make-out session with some really romantic songs playing in the background. You can be at it for as long as you want to and it will just get hotter by the minute!

1 sexy things you can do on your period couples kissing beth this is us

2. Foreplay if you will

And if you feel like you want to take it to another level then you can always start with the foreplay! You'll feel like a teenager by indulging in a long foreplay session which does not end up in sex. 

3. Shower baby!

You know another thing that's hot? A steamy shower. And while you're at it, you know you don't have to fret about making a mess which is why you can even try the old-fashioned shower sex! Isn't it super sexy?

3 sexy things you can do on your period no strings attached kissing couple shower

4. Have phone sex

Tell him EVERYTHING you're thinking of and let him talk about all that he is thinking of. Do it over the phone or texts and the rush you'll feel is something you'll never have felt before!

5. Click sexy pictures 

This is the best time to fill your phone gallery up with super hot pictures for him. So, put on some sexy clothes and click some dirty pictures (maybe even nudes, if you're comfortable with it)! *wink*

5 sexy things couples can do on their period pictures album couples

6. A sexy massage session

It's also one of the most common things that couples use to turn up the heat in the bedroom. Give your partner a hot massage or have him give you one, god knows you need it on your period. A li'l loving goes a long way!

7. A sexy strip dance session

Or even better? Do a hot strip dance session for him. You can play his favourite song and give him a hot lap dance while you're at it. 

7 sexy things you can do on your period couples dancing

8.Oral baby, oral!

Just because you're on your period, does not mean you can't go down on him. He can still get a finale from you, if you know what we mean? (But only if you want)

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Published on Apr 29, 2018
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