People Who Use These 10 Sentences Should Be Fined By Law!

People Who Use These 10 Sentences Should Be Fined By Law!

I think I roll my eyes at ridiculous comments at least a zillion times in a day. From the friendly neighbourhood aunties inquiring about my relationship status to my colleagues' ignorance about women rights, I have seen it all. Since my exasperated sighs and comebacks aren't enough, here's hoping the law does something about it. I strongly believe the people who use these 10 sentences should be fined by law!

1. 'I'm not a feminist, I just believe in equality.'

Hate to break it to you, but feminism = equality. You can just read a bit about feminism and you will find that women are not fighting to be above men, but for gender equality.

1 fined by law

2. 'Shaadi ka kya plan hai?'

Shaadi ka toh pata nahi, but I just got a promotion at work, do you want to talk about that?

3. 'Oh, you've gained weight, huh?'

Just like you've gained ignorance. I mean, do you really think I don't know if I have gained weight? Wait, you don't even realise you're body shaming, do you?

4. 'That's so gay.'

Five words: IT. IS. NOT. AN. INSULT.

4 fined by law

5. 'Don't be a pussy.'

Again, what makes you think being a pussy is in any way offensive? #PussyAndProud

6. 'Why are you so quiet? Say something!'

From introverts everywhere, stop saying this! We can't just magically transform into people who talk a lot because you asked once.

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7. 'You're really funny for a woman.'

Which bitter man came up with this one, really?

7 fined by law

8. 'Why are you so stressed? Are you PMS-ing?'

No, just stressed about the existence of you.

9. 'Are you going to eat all of that?!'

I don't know about you, but I am tired of people pointing at the food in my plate. Let me eat in peace because I don't share!

10. 'People are gay by choice.'

Oh, all right. Are you also stupid by choice?

10 fined by law

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