Ruffles vs Feathers: We Ask The Boys What They Think Of The Trends!

Ruffles vs Feathers: We Ask The Boys What They Think Of The Trends!

It's time to ruffle some feathers?  

Ruffles and feathers are currently everywhere in fashion - be it international or national, runway or the streets. It's no surprise that they are one of the biggest trends and people are happily incorporating them into their wardrobe. 

Ruffles have been a major trend of the 1950's, depicting the idea of a delicate and feminine woman. But it was only in Spring summer 2016 that Gucci and Balenciaga brought back the trend. By spring summer 2017 it was evident that ruffles have made their way to the runway and aren't going anywhere. From Zara to Topshop, it had trickled down to the high street stores and was seen instantly even on the streets. Zara incorporated the ruffle trend in simple blouses with ruffles sleeves and that became a rage for a while. And now, the ruffle skirt is one you all must have in your wardrobe. Soon enough the trend reached the Indian runway and designers have been nailing it in various forms. 

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Feathers as a trend have hit the runway recently, while they do look great, sometimes they can look tacky. So it's all about styling and designing them right. While adding them to your garments, wearing too many can make you look like a chicken but wearing the right amount can make you look like a goddess. Feathers are a good option when it comes to footwear or accessories especially earrings. But the way our Indian designers have used feathers in their garments definitely makes us want to add feathers to our wardrobe. 

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Even as we embrace the trends, the men in our lives are not so open-minded. We let the men spill the beans on what they think about the ruffle and feathers trends.

1. Ruffles sound like a name someone would give to his St. Bernard. I didn't know they are a form of trending dresses. I guess someone could fall in them pretty easy owing to the overflow of cloth. They also would get dirty pretty easily. Not a good idea to wear them during monsoons.
Feather dresses seem to be light on the body, but not so easy to carry. Strictly for summers and dance parties. They should come with a disclaimer saying, "No birds were harmed during the making of these dresses".
- Manas Dewan, Account Manager, POPxo 

2. Ruffles look like they are leftover pieces of fabric tied to the outfit just to add an extra layer to it. One could've managed to get away without that extra layer. Loosely reminds me of curtains as well.
Feathers I hope these are PETA-approved and not sourced from actual birds. They remind me of a very tropical setting like I am watching a movie from the Madagascar series. If only one could also fly wearing these feathers.
- Anurag Sharma, Assistant Manager (Marketing)

3. I think ruffles are done with. They've become boring because they're everywhere. Feathers are more exciting, but to be honest you can go wrong with them too, and end up looking like a chicken.
- Chetanya Sharma, Pilot

4. Feathers look like dead, dried up birds. KFC if they did not skin their chicken before frying it.
- Dipen Shah, Copy Editor 

5. Ruffles I love ruffles even if it's done to death because it's been there for a while. Bog fan of the Victorian era. The ruffles starting from the neckline all the way to the rest of the garment. Wish men's wear clothing had ruffles. Feathers, not a big fan of feathers because they feel very made up. If there needs to be anything hanging I would prefer fringes to feather.  
- Aveek Mitra, Junior Fashion Stylist

What do you think about these trends?