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#Throwback: Remember When Kareena-Shahid Won The Compatibility Test On Koffee With Karan?

#Throwback: Remember When Kareena-Shahid Won The Compatibility Test On Koffee With Karan?

At a young of 12, I remember sitting down to watch this episode of Koffee With Karan Season 2. The cutest couple in Bollywood at that point, Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor made a public appearance and spoke up about their relationship for the first time. To me, it seemed like this was what an ideal relationship should look like, especially that compatibility test that on which they scored a 10/10. 

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From her favourite food, colour to what she hates about him, Shahid seemed pretty well-informed about his lady love. They'd already been together 3 years, struggling for success but smiling about the journey. I know what you're thinking, they're both happily married now, to other people. But that shouldn't diminish the importance of what once was. Karisma Kapoor too made an appearance on this episode, as the doting sister who was BFFs with Kareena's then-boyfriend, Shahid Kapoor. They seemed so young and in love, remember your first relationship? Their eyes reflected the innocence of two people who believed in each a fairy tale.

"It's just that we're compatible," said Kareena as Karan Johar disclosed his answers, accusing Shahid of knowing the questions already. Kareena turning vegetarian for Shahid was something Karan Johar pointed out quite sharply. He asked Shahid about what he changed for Kareena. A question they both dodged until forced into answering with a "Kareena made him less boring."

But then when she mentioned her appreciation towards "Saif Ali Khan in Omkara" during her rapid-fire, and my heart burst into a million pieces because let's be honest, we all know what happened there.

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Maybe now, at 23 I see the fake smiles and the forced confessions, things my 12-year-old mind mistook for love. Fast forward to 2010, 3 years since the Kareena-Shahid episode aired, Kareena made an appearance with her then-boyfriend, Saif Ali Khan. They were cute, honest and romantic, sat closer than Kareena and Shahid had, and Karan Johar loved them. Well, so did I. Bollywood has movies that let you assume that your first love, is your only true love. But it's great to see the actors of this industry step in and out of their relationships with grace and respect. 

Watch the episode here on Hotstar now. 

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