10 Reasons You Need To Ditch Your ‘Before 30’ Bucket List!

10 Reasons You Need To Ditch Your ‘Before 30’ Bucket List!

The big 3-ohh is a time of reckoning for many of us. No one wants to see it right away.

No one even wants to think of it as lurking around the corner ready to snatch away your youth but when you’re 29 going on 30, you’re definitely going to be assailed by all those numerous bucket lists of things that you should do before you turn 30.

Well, here’s a thought. Or several thoughts. Make that 10 reasons why you should ditch that bucketlist in the first place.

1. No one cares. Yes, that’s cold but really, in the long run, no one cares if you didn’t travel to Machu Pichu or backpack across Europe before you turned 30.

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2. You’re already under so much pressure at work and home, so why add to the pressure and make things difficult for yourself by deciding that you have to bungee jump or travel solo to Ladakh before you turn 30?

3. Turn your bucket list into a simple list. Make it a goal plan. Tick off a few items every year.  It’s what smart people do and you should as well.

4. Did you know that J.K. Rowling was 32 when the first Harry Potter book was published? So, no need to beat yourself up if you haven’t published a book by 30. Take your time!

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5. Can’t avoid being corny but age is like wine and only gets better with time! Priyanka Chopra is hotter and more successful now, than when she was in her 20s and she’s 35.  

6. Don’t wait till you’re almost thirty to do what you want. But also, once you’re thirty, don’t think you’re past the age when you can learn to play the guitar or maybe a new language.

7. Also, you’re never really past the age to do anything. Lots of people begin completely new careers when they’re in the mid thirties or even their forties. Jon Hamm was 36 when he got the role of Don Draper in Mad Men and umm, Colonel Sanders was 62 when he franchised KFC. Also, let’s not forget Kerry Washington who rocked Scandal and landed the role of Olivia Pope when she was 35.

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8. You don’t have to be in your 20s to colour your hair blue or pierce your navel if you want to. Also, it becomes way easier to care less about what others will say or think when you grow older.

9. If you hate your job, no matter what your age, you should quit. Life is too short to spend doing something you hate and this isn’t a decision only those in their 20s can take. Lots of famous entrepreneurs started their business when they were in their 30s. Vera Wang started designing bridal gowns when she was 40.

10. So, here’s the thing. Age is just a fricking number. Life goes on after 30 and lots of people go on to hit their strides in their 30s. Or 40s. Or whenever. Don’t bother about following a set of rules and feeling bad if you haven’t accomplished much before you turn 30. The world will continue even the day after you turn 30 and really, things are going to be just fine.

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