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10 Reasons That'll Make You Want To 'Send Nudes' All Summer Long

No one knows how it became a thing, but ‘send nudes’ is probably the most received DM Insta-wide. Before this story, it was just a plain old creepy phrase and no way would it be something I’d ever be open to. There’s nothing worse than getting a random ‘send nudes’ on Instagram, is there?

send nudes summer

However, ‘creative solutions’ is now my middle name thanks to this fashionable but hilarious trick I cooked up. If you’ve been looking for a worthy response to all those creepy ‘send nudes’, what you’re about to scroll upon is the perfect fix.

Fellow fashion girls, this is a PSA and a style guide to dressing summer-worthy and avoiding social media creepers at the same time. Stocking up on ‘nudes’ (the colour and its many shades) is always a good idea for the summer. Stamped as ‘so cute’ by the Kardashians, the colour is also as foolproof as it gets. You cannot go wrong with nude… unless it’s nude leggings. I think we’d all agree it’s not a pretty sight and is the one ‘nude’ mistake to dodge at all times. So, yeah, besides this, there’s little you can mess up with nude. Here are all the reasons you’ll want to ‘send nudes’ all summer long:

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Published on Apr 23, 2018
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