5 Convincing Reasons To Keep The Lights On During Sex!

5 Convincing Reasons To Keep The Lights On During Sex!

Let us get one thing straight - the fact that you're married to your partner and share a healthy physical relationship is enough proof to say that you love each other for who you are. We understand that each one of us has some inhibitions about our body, but all those insecurities should go out of the window once you and your partner get to work in bed *wink* Switching the lights off while making love is the solution to avoid embarrassing situations and keeping their inhibitions at bay for some, but hey, do you have any idea how intimate it is to keep the light on when you have sex?! And we can give you not one, but five reasons to keep them lights burnin' when you get all hot and sweaty!

1. It feels much more intimate...

...and needless to say it's a major turn on! Eye contact makes everything you do more intimate and sensual. Even if you're just holding hands and gazing into each other's eyes. Just imagine what that eye contact can do in bed while you get under the sheets to do the dirty. Oooh!

2. You can judge your partner's expressions to see what he likes and vice-versa

Not saying that you're not already a sex goddess for him, but you know, there might be some things he loves and certain things that he doesn't enjoy much. With the lights switched on you will be able to judge his reactions and expressions to everything you do! It'll also give him a chance to understand what you like in the same way.


3. It will promote body positivity in a subtle way

We get that all of us have some problems with our bodies and that's absolutely normal! But, there really is no reason to try and hide what you think are flaws. Keep 'em lights on because your partner loves you for the person that you are, not for your body. You could start off with some dim lights, and see how that works for you.

4. It will make certain positions easier to achieve (and hotter!)

Yes, there are some crazy sex positions which are very pleasure-ridden but require experience, expertise and yes, light! So, to make sure that you get it right and not hurt yourself in the process, it's important to switch the lights on. It'll also be much, much hotter! 

4 lights on

5. It will help strengthen your bond!

It definitely will, and in more ways than one. Just imagine your husband's loving gaze on your face after that hot, all-consuming session you just had. But unless the lights are on, how will you ever be able to see it, right?

So, we hope we were able to convince you to keep the lights on the next time you make sweet love to the hubby!

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