7 Rishta Meeting Stories By Our Readers That'll Have You Laughing Out Loud

7 Rishta Meeting Stories By Our Readers That'll Have You Laughing Out Loud

Rishta meeting - an event which can be so many things all at once. It can be super fun, anxiety inducing and downright hilarious, all at the same time. And the first time you meet a potential match in an arranged marriage set-up, it's bound to give you a story to tell for a lifetime. Here are some real first-time rishta meeting stories shared by our readers. We couldn't stop laughing and neither will you. Read on for a good laugh!

1. 'The first thing I asked him was his name, and he was like... Seriously???'

I was so upset with my parents for fixing this meeting with a guy in the middle of my busy schedule, so I didn't even bother asking them anything about him. So, we met and the first queston I asked him was 'What's your name?' and he went like... 'Ummm, seriously?' Well, as luck would have it, he is now my husband and this story makes a great conversation starter for him. 

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2. 'The guy wouldn't walk next to me, because...'

So, a guy I met with my family refused to walk next to me because he had lied about his height on the matrimonial website and he didn't want us to find out his real height! But well, it was quite evident that he was much shorter than me!'

3. 'My nani couldn't believe what I did at the rishta meeting!'

My boyfriend's family was coming to meet my family for the first time for high tea. I come from a hotel management background, so my mom handed me the responsibility of setting the table, arranging snacks and beverages for everyone. As soon as they entered, I asked them what they'd like to drink. They gave me their choice of drinks and I went to the kitchen to prepare tea and coffee. Since it was taking me a little time to do so, I decided to put out cakes and other snacks on the table first.

My mom went berserk seeing this and started scolding me as to how I didn't even know that tea is always served before the snacks. She didn't understand why I was doing it in the reverse order. Anyway, after the initial embarrassment, everything went on smoothly and my boyfriend's family went home happily.

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Later that night, my nani called up from Amritsar and started scolding me as a joke saying... 'Tujhe itna bhi nahi pata ki chai pehle dete hain? Kya hotel management kiya hai tune?!' I've toned down the language here, but she was quite pissed. Now it's a family joke!

4. 'The guy's father started flirting with my mom!'

It was a joint family meeting, and very openly the guy's father started flirting with my mom. Not just that, he also started discussing how successful his lingerie business was... Imagine! It was so weird but also very funny. My family still jokes about it!  

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5. 'I offered him a ciggy in our first meeting and...'

My first conversation with my fiance started off with me asking him if he'd want a cigerette in Boozy Griffin, Bangalore. A little context; we belong to orthodox families. Three months later when our families met for high tea and we were given time to 'talk privately', the first thing he asked me was "Do you have a ciggy by any chance?" and we burst out laughing.

6. 'He came and told me that I'll be paying for the food...'

He came and said that it should be my treat. I willingly agreed because obviously I'm an independent woman and I don't mind paying. He gluttonly ordered a 5-course meal, couldn't eat most of it and got the leftovers packed for take-away. And no, it didn't end there. I drove him around in my car and while leaving he asked me if I could lend him some change for his cab ride home. I was so pissed off by that time that I just asked him to get lost.

7. 'He turned out to be a senior from my school but there was a twist...'

Once a rishta came for me which everybody in my family really liked and so they decided to meet the guy and his family. As soon as the guy entered my house, I realised that he was my senior from school. And not just that, he was also my muh bola bhai, whom I had once tied a Rakhi to in school. It was damn awkward and funny at the same time.

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Weren't these stories totally LOL-worthy?!

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