First Impression: Our Beauty Editor Gives Us A Sneak Peek Into Her POPxo Feed

First Impression: Our Beauty Editor Gives Us A Sneak Peek Into Her POPxo Feed

After working on it for months, we've finally unveiled POPxo's brand new feed. 

The idea behind POPxo's makeover was to make sure you get the best of memes, polls, posts and videos, all in one place. So if you look at my feed, you can see how it all comes together.

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Get, Set, Ready: I'm Never Caught Off-Guard, Thanks To Gulabo, The Period Tracker

Since POPxo takes pride in communicating with 17 million fabulous women (that means you) every month, we wanted to add this special feature for our all-women community. Gulabo enables you to stay on track with your period! Psst...she's always got her sassy pants on.

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All you have to do is to enter the details about your cycle. If you don't remember them, no worries; even a rough estimate of your cycle will do. If you put in more information about your history, you'll get an accurate prediction for every month.

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I Can Order A Cab While Browsing Through POPxo

I use Uber to commute every day. And often, I tend to get late to book a cab. I'm editing an article or checking my social media feeds and well, that causes a delay. Now, you can book a cab while you're browsing through POPxo.

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All I have to do is to click on the widget. Once I've logged into my account, I can book it in a jiffy, without picking my phone.

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Order My Favourite Munchies Without Losing Time

I'm big on snacking: I love a hot cup of ginger tea (Chaayos know just how much) as much as anyone else. In fact, the Beauty team is big on snacking (we eat our share of fruits and salads!) so we were super stoked to see that we could Swiggy it from our accounts. 

All you have do is click on 'Order Lunch', place an order and go back to reading about the best highlighters to try this summer.

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I hope you like the new features just as much as I did.

Have a happy week!

Welcome to #BrandNewPOPxo - POPxo is now more fun when you sign up!