Do You Know Which Phone Colour Matches Your Personality?

Do You Know Which Phone Colour Matches Your Personality?

The more options you have, the more difficult it is to make a choice. Especially when it comes to smartphones that are being introduced in the market every second day. Of course, there are phone features and specifications that narrow it down, but those same features come in different packages and the colour ranges can be really confusing. So many colours, so many styles. How to find out what best suits your personality?

So, we found a way to make things interesting for all those who have been struggling to pick a phone colour. We have decoded different personality types and colours that correspond to them, so you can pick the one that’s closest to yours. Shall we begin?

1. The Lady of Logic - A Practical Personality

You’re realistic and tend to make decisions based on logic. Always ready with a legal pad to objectively weigh in pros and cons. You highly value knowledge, competence and the art of reasoning.

1 oppo f7 - girl in black dress

Where you like to chill: Anywhere they serve coffee (and have WiFi!).

What’s your #selfie type: You like your selfies real and with #nofilter. You don’t take them with the purpose of posting them somewhere. It’s more about collecting memories and keeping them.

You, my dear ladies, should invest in a beautiful black phone. It’ll reflect your true personality in the classiest way possible.

2. The One Who Shines - A Creative Personality

In a land of possibilities, sky is the limit. You’re imaginative and seek creative solutions to problems. You’re never afraid of experimenting. In the end, it’s all about the big picture.

2 oppo f7 - girl in silver dress

Where you like to chill: Art exhibitions, museums, and long drives.

What’s your #selfie type: There’s a very popular Bollywood dialogue to sum up your selfie style, “Main apni favourite hoon!” You like to capture yourself more than anything and you are unapologetic about this self-love. Haters gonna hate, after all!

You’re tailor-made to shine. Why shouldn’t your phone be? We think, a sassy silver phone is your calling. Let your phone do the talk while you do the walk.

3. The Free Spirited - A Fun Loving Personality

You light up the room with your optimism whenever you enter. Full of life and spirit, it’s always fun to be around you. Your vibrant personality translates into your clothes and you’re never monochrome.

3 oppo f7 - girl in red dress

Where you like to chill: Cafes where you can play card games and enjoy a rich chocolate smoothie.

What’s your #selfie type: You like #SquadGoals type of selfies, or more like groupfies. You love taking group shots and you post them online and tag all your friends.

Add some colour to your life with a raging red phone that will complement your fiery personality. Your friends will agree that ‘This is so you!’

Convinced? We thought so! Before you think of spending money on a bunch of phone covers you’re probably going to dump in a few months, how about you buy the real deal? Capture the real you with the new OPPO F7. There are three beautiful colours in the series, Diamond Black, Moonlight Silver and Solar Red, so you know you’ll make a style statement with whichever colour you pick. With a 25MP AI-powered camera, it’ll enhance your selfie experience and make you the star photographer in your circle of friends. And the ‘Super Full Screen’ display is just perfect to binge watch your favourite show while on the go.

*This feature is in association with OPPO.