These Period Boxes Can Be Your Pick-Me-Up On Those 'Meh' Days

These Period Boxes Can Be Your Pick-Me-Up On Those 'Meh' Days

It's 3 pm in the afternoon. My back hurts. My cramps seem to think my stomach is a playground. And I'm hunching more than usual.

From mood swings to bloating and pain that no man can understand, periods are, well, NOT fun. If it was up to me, I would hibernate for 3 days. But that's not possible. The next best thing? Period boxes. Imagine if someone cared about your flow, your preferred period product and even spoil you a little, you may just feel a little less meh. Here are a few period boxes you can invest in.

Get Set Flow: Light Or Heavy, These Period Boxes Have Your Back

Kitty Flo: Don't wanna put your pants on? No problem. Get online and check out Kitty Flo. A basic period package, it delivers your preferred period product with a side of candy, right at your doorstep. 

How Much? Rs 1,499 for 3 months

Pinq: A period box doesn't just have to be about making you feel better. In fact, PINQ started with the hope of catering to a set of women who do not get access to basic hygienic products. Each of their boxes come with high-end cotton feel sanitary pads and panty liners. After filling your basic details about your period cycle and flow, you can choose between Everyday, Those Days and Bulk Boxes.

How Much? Those Days Box, 3 months for Rs 949 



Being Juliet: Just like any other box, they will ask you about your cycle but they promise to deliver when your PMS begins. You can customise your box, meaning choose your brand of sanitary pads (they have 4-5 brands), tampons (with or without applicator) as well as panty liners. Packed with up to 20 essentials, the goodies range from scarves, calming teas, disposable bags and more!

How Much? Rs 1,650 for 3 months

While period boxes are only getting bigger in India, here are a few you can get worldwide!

Pink Parcel: One of the most popular boxes in the UK, the pink parcel offers your size of pads along with make-up samples (think coffee scrub and facial oils) and feel-good nibbles and soothing teas. PS: Most of their Insta-reviews were super positive.

How Much? Rs 3,196 for 3 months

The PMS Package: When I look at this period box, I think it's meant for someone like me who can't stop eating munchies. Sure it's got your period basics sorted (I love the idea of heated pads and wipes), but what I liked was the right mix of munchies (it's a pretzel bonanza) with chocolates, face masks, and an accessory here and there.

How Much? Rs 6,438 for 3 months

In case you're worried about International shipping, these tips may help you.

PS: If you still don't know your cycle, keep track of it with POPxo's all-new period tracker, Gulaabo!

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