20 People On The Most Ridiculous Reasons They've Been Given For A Breakup

20 People On The Most Ridiculous Reasons They've Been Given For A Breakup

Breakups are painful and honestly, a lot to take in. Especially when you thought your relationship with this one was going to last forever. But some breakups are just plain weird, which is why I went around asking my friends for the strangest reasons for breakups or they'd been given over a breakup

1. "I earned more than him and that hurt his ego, he'd always get upset when I split our bills instead of letting him pay."

2. "His mom thought I looked chaalu."

3. "He wasn't a morning person and I love yoga at sunrise. My sanity hindered his sleeping patterns."

4. "He didn't like the way I dressed, thought my clothes were too short."

5. "He was a vegetarian and I couldn't make it through breakfast without chicken. So when I said no to turning into a vegetarian, he decided we were done."

reasons for a breakup food new girl

6. "Apparently being honest about how he smelled funny wasn't a good move?"

7. "I was bitten by a dog at 8 and have been scared of them since. He assumed I just didn't like his dog and we constantly fought over it."

8. "We fought over his terrible texting habits, responding with a 'K' and he dumped me instead of expanding his vocabulary."

9. "He liked pineapple on his pizza, I refused to order pizza anymore."

10. "We never enjoyed watching the same genre of movies, opposites don't attract when you're bored."

im bored reasons for breakup

11. "He spent our 'sleepovers' playing PS4 in the hotel room. And didn't like me distracting him."

12. "He said I'd never watched/read Harry Potter and his fandom soul couldn't deal with it."

13. "He had an American accent in Hindi, after spending 2 weeks there for a summer course. When I pointed it out, he said he needed someone who accepted him."

14. "He thought we should be sexually open to other relationships..."

15. "We started off casual and wanted to continue being 'friends with benefits' but he got serious way too soon."

reasons for a breakup couple

16. "He didn't like my name. Well, I wish I could change it too, buddy."

17. "I wouldn't have sex with him, he didn't understand the concept of chastity."

18. "Apparently, my boobs weren't big enough for his liking and he had to dump me unless I decided to get a surgery."

19. "He thought I was a better friend than a girlfriend after one year of our relationship, good lord." 

20. "I was taller than him and though I didn't mind, he seemed to have a huge problem with it that over time ruined our relationship."

tall girl reasons for a breakup 01

Tell us your reason!

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