What Three People From Different Age Groups Think About The New OPPO F7

What Three People From Different Age Groups Think About The New OPPO F7

Our outlook of the world keeps changing as we grow older and gather more experience. A teenager looks at life differently as compared to a 20-year-old. And in your 30s, all those early 20s posts on Facebook make you feel, ‘What was I thinking?’ However, a common bond that we all share is the love for our phone, which all of us use for a variety of purposes.

Curious to know how people in different age groups interact with their smartphone, we gave the same device - the new OPPO F7 - to three women to see how the functionality changed from person to person. Ahead, they have shared their experience of the phone and how it became an indispensable part of their routine in different ways.

1. Shivangi Gupta, 18

I use my mobile for only two things: calls and social media. For social media, I need flattering pictures since my Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat stories and posts need to be updated all the time. And this phone has an amazing 25MP camera, perfect for selfies, that changed my feed! The edit feature for the pictures is absolutely divine. The number of compliments I've got for the past few days for how amazing my phone looks is crazy!

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2. Arushi Sakhuja, 23

I recently used the OPPO F7 and was pleasantly surprised about how seamlessly it fit into my work routine. I used it primarily for work-related apps and functions. Every morning, I used it for music on my way to work and multi-tasked with switching to different apps. Whether it was checking my emails to looking up documents on file manager, the phone was a smooth experience and didn’t slow me down. I am passionate about pictures and I click everything from food to fashion and beauty products, and the camera of this phone was a superb experience. The portrait feature blurred out all the irrelevant details, making my shots more appealing.

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3. Sakshi Budhraja, 30

I juggle two work profiles, one of a writer and the other of an event designer. It’s no wonder then that I have some extremely busy days – meeting clients, planning wedding designs, searching for trends, publishing articles… the list is endless. And trust me when I say that an efficient phone can make a working girl’s life much simpler!

All through last week, I depended on the OPPO F7 to help me manage my work. The super full screen display (6.23”) let me scrutinise design patterns even when I was on the move (read: stuck in traffic jams). The expandable storage 256GB allowed a constant flow of emails and photos, and it never slowed down, which was a big plus.

Having two sources of income also means you get to save money for travelling! And no vacation for me is complete until I come back with lots of photos (Insta-worthy, of course!). Hence, before selecting a phone for myself, I ALWAYS test the camera. This phone wins the camera game hands down! I loved the portrait mode, the 25MP front camera, the HDR mode with augmented reality stickers, and the in-built AI beauty 2.0 feature and the rear camera, of course which automatically edited all my pictures to flatter my features! It truly was a brilliant experience.

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*This feature is in association with OPPO.