#ChampiTime: You Will NOT Hate Applying These 9 Oils To Your Hair

#ChampiTime: You Will NOT Hate Applying These 9 Oils To Your Hair

Champi sessions are fun when they’re accompanied by generous portions of oil and just the right amount of pressure. Why should you invest in a good hair oil, you ask? Because it makes your locks thick, long and strong, of course! Just how your body needs nourishment to sustain itself, so does your scalp, and strands as well. With a variety of hair oils available in the market, it becomes difficult to zero in on a hair oil that'll make your weeknights more fun and less sticky. To help you make the best decision, here are 9 oils you won’t hate applying onto your hair.

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1. OGX Anti-Frizz Hydrating Kukui Oil

1 oil

Extracted from the kukui nut trees of Hawaii, this hair oil is gold! Apply it onto your hair when it’s damp and give yourself a good massage. You’ll notice that your hair becomes instantly smooth, bouncy and glossy after!

Price: Rs 689. Buy it here.

2. Forest Essentials Ayurvedic Herb Enriched Head Massage Oil Japapatti

2 oil

This hair oil is a mixture of all things good. Made from coconut milk, coconut oil, hibiscus and japapatti leaf extracts, your thin, frizzy hair is bound to become thick, healthy and fabulous. Apply the oil twice a week for very soft and smooth strands.

Price: Rs 1,295. Buy it here.

3. Hedonista Argan Hair Oil

3 oil

If you’re starting to deal with issues like split ends, hairfall and dandruff, you need this argan oil in your life. It helps keep your scalp healthy and nourished. Once a week, apply the oil to your scalp. Wash your hair after 30 minutes with lukewarm water. Hello, gorgeous hair!

Price: Rs 578. Buy it here.

4. Moroccanoil Treatment

4 oil

Women have been raving about this oil ever since it launched years ago. The reason is obvious - it’s one of the best hair oils out there! It blends well when teamed with an arsenal of hair products. Thank to the goodness of vitamins and antioxidants, it gives your mane a lovely shine. After all, girls with good hair are the happiest! *wink*

Price: Rs 2,880. Buy it here.

5. The Body Shop Coconut Oil Brilliantly Nourishing Pre-Shampoo Hair Oil

5 oil

You’ll never have a bad hair day as long as you have this hair oil by your side. The texture of the oil is so light that after applying it onto your scalp, it actually melts and blends in well. Whether you use it as a leave-in or as a scalp massage oil, both bring positive results to your mane.

Price: Rs 695. Buy it here.

6. Khadi Natural Shikakai Herbal Hair Oil

6 oil

When you lose hair and spot flakes, it’s a sign that your scalp is dry and undernourished. An oil is like healthy food - it gives your scalp some necessary protein, vitamins, and minerals. The goodness of shikakai combined with brahmi and neem helps stop hairfall and restore a healthy scalp. The best part? It's free of parabens and sulfates. 

Price: Rs 125. Buy it here.

7. SoulTree Nourishing Hair Oil

7 oil

Don’t you just love the packaging of this hair oil? If that’s not convincing enough for you, you must know that it is packed with the goodness of amla, brahmi and bhringraj. These oils are then mixed with coconut, almond and grapeseed oil to provide your hair with nourishment and shine.

Price: Rs 550. Buy it here.

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8. Biotique Bio Bhringraj Fresh Growth Therapeutic Oil

8 oil

A few reasons to bring this hair oil home - it reduces stress, induces sound sleep, stimulates hair growth and improves the blood circulation in the scalp. Pour the oil onto your scalp and slowly begin to massage your head in circular motions. Keep the oil on your hair for about 45 minutes and wash it off with cold water after.

Price: Rs 135. Buy it here.

9. Satthwa Premium Hair Oil

9 oil

This oil contains a little of every hair oil out there. After using this one that’s loaded with coconut, almond, castor, olive, vitamin E, amla, grapeseed and jojoba oils, we bet your hair is going to be in for a treat! Plus, the bottle is too cute to not pick up.

Price: Rs 599. Buy it here.