A Long Distance Relationship & An Unexpected Proposal... This Love Story Is Adorable!

A Long Distance Relationship & An Unexpected Proposal... This Love Story Is Adorable!

You never know when and where you may meet the love of your life! That sounds like a Bollywood movie tagline but it's true for Nicole and Nikhil. They met at work and then made long distance work for them. Long distance relationships are hard but they also test the true mettle of a relationship. It tested Nicole and Nikhil as well but they pulled through and ended up having the wedding of their dreams. How? Let's hear it from the bride herself...

Their love story

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We were both in PR and met at work. I was fresh out of college and didn't encourage the friendly gestures he made. It was only when we moved out of the company that we kept in touch. Later, we worked at another company in different teams yet again. That was where we got to know each other better and started hanging out. On my last day at this workplace is when Nikhil decided to ask me out - he directly asked me to be his better half over a dessert. I was still in a food coma when dessert arrived and he was all smiles. He soon moved to Toronto and for anyone who knows how tough long distance relationships can be, we pulled on; only because we knew we'd be together in the end and we didn't want to give up on something so beautiful. 

The single-handed wedding prep

The planning and coordinating part was difficult but manageable and I must say I had fun doing it! I'm the type of person who loves to be at the centre of a plan and my wedding was the perfect opportunity where I could be at the centre of everything! From the decor to the cuisine and from the venue to the entourage outfits and the photographers too. I always wanted to have my wedding in Goa and luckily Nikhil too wanted the same thing. He was only apprehensive about me managing everything in India almost single-handedly but with his support, a li'l help from family and friends, and a  plan, I got by just fine. 

The venue

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The wedding happened at Milagres Chapel, in Majorda Goa and for the reception we opted for a remote and not-so-popular setting 20 steps away from the sea at George Bay, Utorda Goa.

The minimalistic autumn theme

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I wanted certain things like the confetti, boutonnieres, ring holder and invitations to be customized. My decorator was more than willing to please and he took care of the customized miniature autumn leaves which we used as confetti at the reception. My sister designed and created the boutonnieres and my bridal bouquet herself - DIY sure rocks! We also managed to put together a photo section with a hula-hoop, autumn leaf streamers, and ribbons which were used as decor at the reception.

The outfits

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We were going to have a Church wedding and the reception on the same day, which is why I decided to go ahead with one dress. This might sound like a cliche but I've always wanted a princess style (ball-gown) wedding dress ever since I knew about weddings. Karleo had designed one of my best friend's outfits exactly a year prior so they were an obvious choice of designer for my gown. 


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Here's a glimpse of their fun-filled wedding video. Take a look:



Lots of love and luck to this gorgeous couple!  


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