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#MyStory: How I Saved Big Money To Buy This Blogger-Approved Fanny Pack!

#MyStory: How I Saved Big Money To Buy This Blogger-Approved Fanny Pack!

I don’t know if they got it for free, or better yet, got paid to carry it! All I know from my Instagram sleuthing is that every blogger in the face of this earth has decided to carry this one Gucci fanny pack. Yes, a FANNY PACK! Millennials, thank you for embracing ANOTHER ugly trend, and when I say millennials, I am counting myself in the ranks.

Why, oh why did I actually want this? After having passionate discourses on ugly trends that should’ve stayed in the ‘90s where they belong, I found myself suddenly craving this little number. And Gucci, you ain’t fooling no one by calling it a belt bag. Let’s call a spade a spade, and a fanny pack, well, you get the picture. I digress. The point is I wanted the Gucci fanny pack and I was going to have it.

Problem? I’m not an “influencer”. I can barely influence my own decisions. See how easily got influenced into changing my opinion on the fanny pack? So there was no way I was going to go home to be greeted by a parcel from Gucci. They won’t even give me free Gucci perfume samples at the mall! So step two – Daddy! And MY GOD what a failure that was.


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Side note - Girls, never tell your dad you want to buy a Gucci handbag that costs over a 1,000 dollars. You WILL get an hour-long lecture on how to plan your finances and you will not get the money for the handbag. You might even be asked to present your bank statement as proof that such frivolous purchases are not the reason you’re always broke at the end of the month. P.S: I actually ended up promising a sum of 5k to my dad on a monthly basis. He is investing this on my behalf. Umm.. thanks, Dad!

I learnt an important adulting lesson that day. If you want to buy something expensive, you have to actually save money for it.

I went about this like the genius that I am when it comes to shopping. I did my research on which Gucci bag to buy and where to get it from. Here’s what you need to know - Farfetch and Net-A-Porter deliver to India on a DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) basis, which means that the customs duty is built into the price. If, like me, you don’t have relatives coming back from Milan or the USA, this is what you’ll have to resort to. Unfortunately, neither had the Gucci Marmont Belt Bag that I had initially wanted, but I didn’t mind, ‘coz I found this one and it’s $400/ 26k cheaper. All I needed was to save 50k. Deeeeep breaths!

So this is how I went about it!

I moved out of my apartment and back to my parents’ house. For a girl who has lived away from home for over 4 years, this is a HUGE step. I hope you’re appreciating my commitment to this bag at this point, guys! But what I hadn’t realised was how much extra money I would be saving with this one simple yet genius step.

Not only did I save my rent money, which in Delhi happens to be 15,000, I also saved up the money I spend on my cook and maid, my share of which adds up to 2,500 in addition to the money I spend on groceries. I live with a flatmate so we split everything.

The only downside to living with my parents was that I was further away from work, but for saving money that turned out to be an upside. You see, my parents live in Gurgaon. I live in Vasant Kunj and work in Hauz Khas. I used to take a cab which would come up to 200/way = 400 over all. From Gurgaon, I couldn’t take a cab anymore, ‘coz no way was I going to pay 1000 rupees/day on Ubers. So I started taking the metro, which is SUPER CHEAP! From Gurgaon, I was paying 150 for a return trip to work!

I ended up saving 20k in the first month!

By the end of the first month, I was getting antsy. I wanted to be back in my house, in peace and quiet. I love my parents and all, but living with them is no easy feat. BTW, I still get nightmares from the title track of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, no joke!

Another surprisingly good thing about living at home? It’s more difficult to go out. You need permissions. You have a curfew. You cannot come home staggering like a drunk sailor. So month two I decided, no more going out nights. Just not worth the effort. I don't actually enjoy going out but if you live with friends, someone ends up forcing you to, and 1 drink turns into 10 and HOLY SHIT! DRINKS ARE EXPENSIVE! So I actually milked the “Sorry, I cannot come out. You know how my parents are!” excuse for all it was worth and I mean that literally! It was worth 10k extra in Month 2! I was up to 50k! Target achieved!

As of yesterday, my order has been shipped. I shelled out an additional $15 for Express Shipping (Net-A-Porter didn’t give me an option really, but it sounds cooler when I say that, doesn’t it?) Now I lie in wait, for 2-4 business days! And if you’re wondering, the shipping address? Vasant Kunj :)


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