#NoJudgement: We Answer Some Of Your Most Embarrassing Beauty Questions

#NoJudgement: We Answer Some Of Your Most Embarrassing Beauty Questions

Whether you’re a beauty geek or not, you will always have some beauty-related questions. This is because there are so many new additions to the beauty world every day, and so many new make-up and skincare techniques that it's hard to keep up. But like they say, there’s no harm in asking, right? Here are a few common beauty queries that women often have but are just too conscious to ask. Ladies, we’re here to figure it all out for you and tell you that there is no such term as ‘embarrassing beauty questions’. We would like to quote every corny teacher you’ve known, ‘there are no stupid questions, children!’ So relax, read up and be ready to relate.

1. What exactly is a BB cream?

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We get that a lot. And it doesn’t just stop at a plain BB cream. There exist CC and DD creams as well! Ladies, it’s as simple as this - BB (Beauty Balms) creams are a lighter form of foundation. Not everyone wants to use a full-fledged foundation daily. This is why BB creams exist - they’re light, offer mild coverage and give skin a healthy glow - perfect for everyday use. CC (Correct And Care) creams are slightly more intense than BB creams. They colour correct any blemishes and discolouration on the face. One can use a CC cream on the areas needed and then layer on a BB cream for a wonderful day look. DD (Daily Defence) creams offer your skin a lovely moisture boost. The super hydrating formula nourishes the skin and can be used on the face, elbows, feet, hands and wherever else your skin needs it.

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2. Can I use one big brush to apply all my make-up?

Buying different brushes for every other make-up product can work out expensive and maintaining all of them can be quite a task. But ladies, you’ve got to do, what you’ve got to do. Having the right brushes for your foundation, blush, eyeshadows etc can make a world of a difference to your make-up look.

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3. If I seal and store a used sheet mask, can I use it again? It’s expensive!

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To put it out there brutally - this is a complete use and throw product. No matter how well you seal a sheet mask, the serums and essences infused in it will end up drying out or losing their efficacy. It’s a one-time thing: put on the mask, leave it on for about 20-30 minutes, soak in all the moisture and nutrients and bid it goodbye after. You gotta know when to let go, ladies.

POPxo Recommends: It's Skin The Fresh Mask Sheet - Honey (Rs 100)

4. So what exactly am I concealing with concealer? Doesn’t foundation do the job?

A concealer does the job of colour correcting blemishes, dark circles and any other discolouration. The corrector you use depends on your skin undertones. And they come in various colours, to suit your complexion and the kind of blemishes. Foundation will just add a nice glow to the face but if the canvas is not colour corrected and ready, the foundation will not have its magical effect on your face.

POPxo Recommends: Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer (Rs 394)

5. Why do I need micellar water? Isn’t make-up remover enough?

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While a make-up remover does a good enough job, micellar water works even better. Why you ask? Well, micellar water attracts all the remaining dirt, grime and traces of leftover make-up on your face leaving it squeaky clean. Added bonus: it also gives the skin a boost of hydration (something a basic make-up remover might not do for you).

POPxo Recommends: Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water (Rs 297)

6. Do I need to have a different trimmer for different body parts?

While it’s not absolutely necessary to have separate trimmers for different body parts, having the right shape and sized one for the more delicate and angular areas does make the whole trimming experience more smooth.

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7. *Sees Silicon Sponge*: Is this a make-up sponge? It looks like a bra insert!

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You’d be lying if you say that this thought didn’t cross your mind at least once upon seeing this silicon sponge. And yes ladies, this very much is a make-up sponge that is believed to blend your foundation like a dream and also doesn’t absorb make-up. This means that less product is wasted.

POPxo Recommends: Nykaa BlendMaster Silicone Sponge (Rs 299)

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