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Take It All Off: 9 Make-Up Wipes For When You're Feelin' Lazy!

Take It All Off: 9 Make-Up Wipes For When You're Feelin' Lazy!

After coming home from work or a party, I just want to see my bed. The thought of removing my make-up didn’t even cross my mind - until one morning. I went to sleep with a face full of make-up and I woke up to breakouts and greasy skin. My pores were clogged and my skin looked dull. I invested in a facewash later but felt the cleansing process was time-consuming. I wanted a quick solution. I wanted a beauty product that could remove my make-up with just one swipe and save me some time. Make-up wipes gave me those perks. Whenever you feel lazy to remove your make-up, you should try these cleansing wipes to take it all off!

1. Colorbar On The Go Makeup Remover Wipes

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These make-up remover wipes won’t only remove the gunk from your skin but will improve its texture too. Use them to remove all make-up from your eyes, lips and face with just one swipe. The best part is that the wipes don’t leave your skin feeling dry. On the contrary, it makes your skin smooth and soft.

Price: Rs 170. Buy it here

2. The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes

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After a long, hot day, there’s no better feeling than wiping your face and neck with sheets soaked in tea tree solution. While it keeps your skin fresh and hydrated, it also keeps your pores squeaky clean.

Price: Rs 445. Buy it here

3. NYX Professional Makeup Be Gone! Makeup Remover Wipes

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Worried about how to remove waterproof make-up? That’s easy! These make-up remover wipes are gold. In fact, we heart the clever packaging! The small size makes the product portable to carry in your bag every time you step out.  

Price: Rs 1,025. Buy it here

4. Estee Lauder Double Wear Long-wear Makeup Remover Wipes

make-up  wipes  skin 5

If you don’t mind splurging on quality, these pre-moistened towelettes are so worth it. In fact, the metallic packet itself grabs eyeballs. Once you’ve removed your make-up using these wipes, apply a cleansing or toning solution after.

Price: Rs 2,500. Buy it here

5. Innisfree Green Barley Multi Cleansing Tissue

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These cleansing wipes are free from colourants, mineral oil and animal ingredients. That’s the reason why they leave your skin feeling fresh and baby soft. In fact, the Jeju green barley and vinegar helps exfoliate and clean your skin. You’ve got to try it to believe it.

Price: Rs 550. Buy it here

6. Himalaya Moisturising Aloe Vera Facial Wipes

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Just because you’re on a budget, it doesn’t mean that can bring home facial wipes. They aren’t luxury beauty products, consider them essentials. Each wipe is free from alcohol and is ideal for both, normal and dry skin types.

Price: Rs 550. Buy it here

7. M.A.C Gently Off Wipes + Micellar Water

make-up  wipes  skin 2

Hands down, these wipes are one the best out there! It helps erase every trace of make-up and cleanses the skin from dust, pollution and make-up residue. If you have sensitive skin, these wipes are gentle and soothing on the skin.

Price: Rs 3,050. Buy it here

8. Kaya Refreshing Mattifying Wipes - Acne Free

make-up  wipes  skin 1

Visit any Beauty Store in Mumbai and we bet these will be the first make-up wipes you’ll spot there. They’re extremely popular here and come with affordable price tags. The one we’ve recommended is designed to treat oily and acne-prone skin.  

Price: Rs 102. Buy it here

9. L'Oreal Paris Ideal Skin Makeup Removing Towelettes

make-up  wipes  skin

The moment these wipes make contact with your skin, dirt, oil and make-up residue instantly gets dissolved. Without drying your skin out, it cleanses your pores and gives skin a clear and smooth finish.

Price: Rs 319. Buy it here

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Published on Apr 18, 2018
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