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8 Things That Happen In "Ideal Relationships" According To Hindi TV Serials!

8 Things That Happen In

Bollywood has a twisted take on ideal relationships, but surprisingly (NOT) so do Hindi TV serials. From the vamps who will put nazar on your relationship to the fact that you'll spend most of your time fasting for your 'better' half, it is an exciting journey. So after watching Hindi TV shows for almost 20 years now, here is my take on how an ideal relationship looks like according to them. 

1. The Love-Hate Relationship 

According to Hindi TV shows, you're supposed to hate your soulmate at first sight. You need to either fight with him or get into an accident with him, either way, you can't meet him like normal people do. 

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2. Sanskari Girl Wins 

Every female lead needs to be a good 'sanskari' girl who listens to what people have to say about her life and has no opinions of her own. If you wear short clothes, enjoy male company and put on makeup then you're more likely to be the vamp that tries to tear the couple apart. 

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3. The 'Taulya Lao' Type 

A woman in a relationship is an accessory and is basically just there to help the lead-man through the hurdles in his life. She'll pick out his clothes each morning, pack him a nice lunch and then wait for him to come home in the evening. Sounds like a nice, boring life, yeah?

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4. People Hate You 

All the women out there are after your man and every man is in love with you. Basically, according to these soap operas, everyone in the world is out there to ruin your relationship and can't stand to see you happy.

5.The Weather Is On Your Side 

If you need your guy to look deep into your eyes, just turn on the fan because your dupatta will do the rest. I'm so disappointed when my boyfriend and I go out for a walk and it just doesn't rain! The weather in these TV serials is just so perfect for these moments. 

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6. Damsel In Distress 

There is always a scene where the guy saves the girl from a sticky situation. It could range from gundas surrounding her to a financial situation in her family. He is the knight in shining armour even when she doesn't need one. 

7. Fights Are Forgotten

Remember how Armaan held Ridhima everytime they fought in Dill Mill Gayye? And suddenly she'd forget all about the fight and they'll continue to look deep into each other's eyes as Asmaani Rang plays in the background? No, that doesn't happen in real life. 

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8. One Big Secret 

Your significant other has a huge secret that you will find out about from a third person when it's too late. Don't hate me, that's what the soap operas believe. And who am I to disagree?

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