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How To Finally Do One Of The Hardest Things Ever - Move On From A Break-Up!

How To Finally Do One Of The Hardest Things Ever - Move On From A Break-Up!

No matter how strong you are, feeling jilted is the hardest thing to digest. And no matter what the end was, the dumper or the dumpee is equally affected. So, a tale as old as time - how to get over and move on from someone you love has been going on forever! While it may not seem like a rocket science to many, it's a bloody big deal when it comes to actually dealing with it. However, if it helps you feel any better - we've all been there. So, here are a few tips that we think might be a tad helpful in getting over a breakup.

1. Cut off all contacts!

Rule number 1: You have to completely shut all communication. No matter how strong you think you are, know that you're not. And healing is a process that takes time. And in that process, it's important to completely cut off all contacts with them no matter how many mutual friends you have or how many people are involved in the middle. It's good to not be informed for once.

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2. Try to not spend too much time alone

An idle mind is a devil's workshop and no matter how headstrong you are, alone time gives way to thoughts that are absolutely unnecessary. Try your best to keep busy and to not spend too much time alone. Get your besties to keep you company, a little fun goes a long way in taking your mind off your heartbreak. 

3. Forget about those love songs

Love songs after you break-up are big-time buzz killers. Steer clear of anything that reeks of love, especially love songs! They take you back to the times that you never want to go back to fresh out of a breakup. Don't torture yourself for no reason, girl!

4. Talk to your friends about it

Your friends are your salvation. They are there to get you through tough times. Talk to them about the things that bug you. Also, talking about things instead of bottling them up inside will always make you feel better so please don't shy away from letting it all out.

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5. Don't rush yourself to move on

Know that it's a process and it takes time. You have invested a lot of emotions with someone and it's going to take some time to forget all of that and move on in life. No matter what people say, it's fine to move on at whatever pace you're most comfortable with, you can't force these things. 

6. Make peace with your past

It is very important to accept that what's gone is gone and that you are never going to want that back ever again. Remeber there's a reason why you broke up. This way, you make peace with the fact that it's in the past. Accepting this is a big step in the healing process.

7. Know that it happens to the best of us

Like I said, you're not in this alone. Heartbreaks happen to the best of us and it's just one of those things that are bound to happen. So, you're not the only one who is dealing with it. And it's okay!

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8. Embrace the process

Respect the fact that it's going to take time. You can't rush yourself to move on It's just going to make the whole process go haywire. Be patient. You're going to be fine.

9. Forgive!

It's very very important for you to forgive yourself. It's very important for you to forgive the person who is no longer in your life. It's okay, no matter what they did. Move on by letting it be and forgiving them. It will be good for your own peace of mind. Trust me!

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