HOLY KARDASHIANS! Cycling Shorts Are A Thing Thanks To Kim & Company!

HOLY KARDASHIANS! Cycling Shorts Are A Thing Thanks To Kim & Company!

Blame it on the athleisure. Yoga pants for fro-yo runs, sneakers for the red carpet and now cycling shorts for anything but. Why oh why? Cycling shorts are ugly. Period. Even for when you’re cycling.

Remember when we used to be a bunch of happy, non-camel-toe bearing people? For those who don’t know, camel toe is when your bottoms cling to your vagina so tight that they effectively outline the shape – which strangely enough, resembles a camel’s toe. Get the picture?   

Enter the Kardashian-Jenner-Wests. There is no limit to the ambition of the Kardashian women. Not happy with just everything-we-wear-becomes-a-trend, they decided to really test the limit of their fashion prowess by trying to make cycling shorts ‘fetch’. Sorry, Gretchen, they can even make fetch happen.

Hypothesis: An ugly trend can become a fad, if and only if the Kardashians decide it is.


It started in 2016 when Kanye debuted bike shorts as part of Yeezy Season 4. Kim, being the supportive wife that she is, started wearing them. The siblings followed suit. Kourtney and Kendall both gave their own spin on this former utility garb of choice for Tour de France participants. 

Cut to 2017 when designers debuted their Spring/ Summer 2018 collections, and sure enough, high-end labels like Off-White (the label’s founder is Virgin Abloh, Kanye’s BFF), Dolce&Gabbana and Dion Lee all had this one item in common on the runway.


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A slew of street style looks followed with Kendall leading the pack, and Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin not close behind.


How many A-listers can boast that they have the power to actually pick something up from the no-go fashion list and make it the biggest trend of the season? If it were anyone else, they would have attracted the wrath of the fashion police. But Kim? As much as we hate to say it, she makes them look hella fine. We might buy some of our own, they’ve given us enough styling ideas.  

And with a whole clan, nay, an army of trendsetters in the fam, not to mention a following of half a billion on social media, what ugly trend are you revamping next, Kim?

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