Psychologically, Having A Stellar Beauty Routine Actually Makes You Feel Amazing!

Psychologically, Having A Stellar Beauty Routine Actually Makes You Feel Amazing!

Routine. This seemingly unimportant word plays such an important part in our lives. We have a routine for everything in our lives. We have a weekday routine and even a weekend routine (even if that routine just consists of sleeping and changing into different sets of pyjamas through the day, just me? Okay!). A routine is a set of steps that you follow to get ready for something. For example, to wake up in the morning have your cup of coffee and head to work. It is a way to mentally tell yourself to be prepared for what’s coming for you in the day.

Well, that is what I want to talk about today. Here’s how a beauty routine affects your mental health and vice-versa.

They’re Co-Related

Speaking through personal experience, a beauty and make-up routine does WONDERS for whatever it is that you’re about to face in the day. Let me explain, I am a person who is socially anxious and as a result, I am an introvert. So when I have to be around people be it for work or just generally, around unknown people, I feel like I am more equipped to meet people if I have some make-up on. It could be something as simple as mascara and a bright lip or highlighter and some gloss, but it prepares me to be around people and socialise. Similarly, the days when I am feeling a little blue or under the weather, I do not feel like applying anything on my face and even detest my skincare routine.

It Could Heal

I have read so many pieces about women who have been so severely mentally drained, who have healed themselves with the power of make-up. How make-up has helped people combat depression and anxiety. Those are huge claims and I do not have a degree to make those claims nor am I qualified to support them. But, let’s talk about something simple. You know when people are sick for a long time or have not been feeling like themselves, something as simple as getting a hair wash or even taking a long bath brings you out of the funk. Even if it is just for a few minutes, you instantly feel better. That’s the power of a simple beauty routine.

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It Makes You See Yourself Differently

Think of a beauty routine like high heels. We may not wear them as often, but I am sure you’re not averse to that feeling on putting them on for the first time. You back becomes upright, your glutes tighten and mentally you somehow end up feeling sexier. Make-up does something similar. A lot of women I know save red lipstick or dark lipstick for special occasions. They opt for that look when they want to feel confident or even seem intimidating in a setting that intimidates them!

It’s A Psychological Fact

According to a study in the International Journal Of Cosmetic Sciences, when women were asked to imagine themselves in make-up or barefaced in various social situations, it turned out a majority of women imagined themselves in make-up. Women “reported being more self-confident and sociable when wearing as opposed to not wearing their customary cosmetics.”

A study published in the journal PLOS ONE gave participants four versions of the same face: one barefaced and three with increasing degrees of make-up application, which they termed “natural,” “professional” and “glamorous.” They were asked to rate the different faces for attractiveness, likeability, trustworthiness and competence. Post this research, they found that the participant’s feedback did vary for each make-up look. But the three make-up looks were rated more positively — proving that attractiveness is correlated with competency.

So basically what I am trying to say is, that if following a beauty routine, having a make-up routine or even doing a full-fledged skincare routine makes you feel better about yourself, you do you! But, here’s something you should note, just like every psychological tool, the results are subjective and they will ONLY work if you want it to work. Our minds, such powerful things, right?

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