Welcome The Gucci Gang: Bollywood Has A New Logo T-Shirt Obsession!

Welcome The Gucci Gang: Bollywood Has A New Logo T-Shirt Obsession!

While you out there were mocking Delhi peeps for their Hermès belts and Louis Vuitton bags, a new kind of logomania took over the world - Alessandro Michele’s Gucci. Now, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill logo-laden tees. They’re… how do we put it best.. cooler! Think bold prints, loud colours, handwritten notes, animal motifs, you know the works! The logo, although still distinctively visible, adds to the “coolness”, rather than take away from it. It’s a welcome change from the plain logo tees, their only claim to fame being that they were bought from a certain label.

As with any trend, the early (or should we say, timely) inductees into the Gucci Gang come from *drumroll please* BOLLYWOOD.   

Ranveer Singh


Bollywood’s very own Jared Leto (at least style-wise) doesn’t believe in half measures. Just a bold t-shirt, you say. What is he? A basic bitch. Naah! Only the loudest and boldest floral pants will do for Bollywood’s own trendsetter.  

Janhvi Kapoor

Bollywood’s head rep of Gen-Z likes her pinks, preferably with a side of branding and embroidered fish appliqués for good luck. She's also thrown in the much talked about Gucci slip-on mules for good measure. 

Kareena Kapoor Khan

I personally wear my XL sized brother’s t-shirts to the gym, but then again, I am no Begum. Bebo on the other hand, wears this yellow beauty to the gym, to the airport, basically when she’s on the go. Maybe it’s just her favourite t-shirt, maybe it’s the typo in the slogan. Either way, we are hoping someone sends this ray of sunshine our way.    

Kartik Aaryan

When in Rome, right? Have you noticed Karthik’s increasingly A-listy friends? From walking the ramp with Kareena for Manish Malhotra in Dubai to playing football with Ranbir and Arjun Kapoor, Kartik is rising fast, and he needs a wardrobe to back it up. A safe white t-shirt with just the logo emblazoned it is, for now. Baby steps, Kartik.   

Malaika Arora Khan

5Remeber Rihanna at Coachella, in the sequinned bodysuit. I'm breaking a sweat just thinking about that outfit, but of course, RiRi was cool as a cucumber. Unfortunately, Mumbai weather meant Malaika had to shed the rest of the ensemble and settle for this plain white tank, oh no wait, logo'd white tank. 

Image Courtesy: Instagram