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Indian Or Western? End The Con-Fusion: 7 Unique Fusion Pieces You Can Buy Online!

Standing in front of your wardrobe and debating what to wear? The choice solely depends on your mood, in my humble opinion. Ask yourself this, ‘Am I Rihanna today or more Rekha?’... ‘More crop top-midi skirt or more salwar-kameez?’

On most days you’ll be an either this or that. But there are days when you feel a bit in between. When you’re in that spot, ladies, you’re neither Rihanna nor Rekha. You’re more of an ‘Alia’. To be specific, Alia from 2 States, and a little bit of Dear Zindagi, and with a dash of Highway.

So, that means you’re in the mood for some fusion, east and west, Indian and western. When you’re dressing to reflect the best of both worlds, do you mostly go for a kurti with wide-legged pants? If the answer to that is ‘yes’, you, girl, are in urgent need of some unique fusion style pieces this season.

It’s time to dive deeper into the world of fusion wear. From kurti dresses with jackets to eclectic jumpsuits, there’s a whole lot waiting to surprise you this summer. Let’s start with 7 brilliant fusion pieces to channel your inner Alia this season:

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Published on Apr 15, 2018
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