10 Extremely Romantic Things You Can Say To Him After Sex

10 Extremely Romantic Things You Can Say To Him After Sex

Don't you consider yourself lucky to be madly in love with someone? And don't forget all the sex you get to have! It's more than just sex though, it's communicating through your body. The emotional intimacy that you share with someone is very important in a relationship. And so is letting your partner know how you feel and how much you love him, especially when you're both lying in each other's arms in comfortable silence! If you need a cue or two, here are 10 things to say to him after indulging in some sexy time!

1. "This is how I want to spend every night!"

Don't you, though?

2. "My heart totally skips a beat whenever you look at me like that."

I cannot stop blushing!

3. "Promise me that you'll hold me like this forever."


1 things to say sexy

4. "I love all the things that you do to me. It drives me crazy."

Have to give it to him! He's talented AF!

5. "Who knew we'd be here one day, so completely in love!"

Life (and love) works in mysterious ways!

6. "I've waited for so long to spend this time with you."

Almost an eternity.

7 things to say sexy

7. "Every time we make love, I fall more in love with you."

Kiss him as you say this.

8. "I want to fall asleep to you and wake up in your arms."

Wrapped around your human cushion.

9. "Tell me one thing - where did you learn all the moves?"

Hmm... something to think about!

10 things to say sexy

10. "I'm so lucky that I found my way to you."

And I'll never forget that!

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