What If We Told You The Most Effective Pimple Remedy Costs NOTHING

What If We Told You The Most Effective Pimple Remedy Costs NOTHING

I still remember my first pimple. I was 15 and had been spared from the agony of breakouts and the self-doubt that comes with it, till that day. Trying to ace a 3-pointer (I still can't do it BTW) had kept me out in the sun, exposed to dust and pollution. And there it was. My first pimple. Incredibly red and hard to miss.

When I went home, I cribbed to my mother (as usual) and asked her what I should put on it. She smiled and said, "When you wake up tomorrow, put some of your spit on your index finger and pat it onto a pimple gently." I was bewildered and turned to my sister who was too busy laughing. I thought it was a joke and left the room.

When I woke up, the pimple was bigger and redder than earlier. Just when I was contemplating bunking school (and never getting my hands dirty), I remembered what she'd said. So I bravely did it. I put my finger in my mouth and put it on the pimple.

I left for school, and nothing happened for a few hours. 

But by the time I came back home, the redness had simmered down.

I did the same for the next 2 days, and the pimple was gone. I decided never to argue with my mother again.

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So How Does It Work Exactly?

Before you start spitting on every pimple you get, let me tell you why this works. Saliva, in general, has many antifungal and anti-microbial properties. While it is just water, it is highly acidic. Unlike the day when saliva changes its composition on the basis of your diet, the morning saliva is undiluted. "That, in combination with the presence of an enzyme called lipase (it majorly breaks down the fat in our food) can help dry out the sebum from a pimple, reducing its appearance," says Dr. Apratim Goel, a Mumbai-based dermatologist from Cutis Skin Solutions.

Please note: While this may help you with an odd pimple, it may not prove to be helpful for a bout of cystic or hormonal acne.

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Have I Convinced You To Try Out This Hack?

Here's what you should do.

1. Wake up in the morning and try not to drink anything. Not even water.

2. Wash your hands. You don't want the bacteria to multiply.

3. Put your index finger and wet it in your mouth (don't go overboard).

4. Gently tap it onto the affected area. 

You know the best part? There are no side effects and it doesn't sting.

Tell us how it goes.

Do you have your own secret pimple remedies? Share them with us on Facebook and Instagram. In the meantime, feel free to check out our handpicked pimple patches here.

Until next time, gorgeous!

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