Pregnant? Here Are 6 Things To Do Before Your Bundle Of Joy Arrives!

Pregnant? Here Are 6 Things To Do Before Your Bundle Of Joy Arrives!

Having a baby is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. Holding your little one in your arms gives you happiness that nothing can ever compare to. But, however beautiful it is to embrace motherhood, there are still some things that have to take a backseat once the baby arrives. Although it's not a bad thing, and your little bundle of joy compensates for everything, it's always a good idea to enjoy all or some of these things before the baby enters your world. Here's a list of things to do with your husband while you're pregnant and before your baby arrives!

1. Go for as many weekend trips as you can

Babies require a lot of things when they're born - and it's impossible to pack all of those when you take a trip. You will only be able to take the baby on a trip once he/she is at least a couple of months old. Plus, it will be hard to plan a trip with all the new things that'll be on your schedule. So, take 'em weekend trips now!

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2. Go out with friends and with your partner

Little kids require a lot of attention and once your tiny arrives, he/she will take up a lot of your time (most of it, to be precise). In that case, you tend to miss out on meeting your friends. Make good use of your time now and meet your buddies, alone and with your partner. Go on couple dates, etc. You'll have fun!

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3. Take those joyful Sunday naps

Oh sweet mother of God! Sunday naps are the best thing in the world, aren't they? But, you won't be getting a lot of those post delivery, because your kid will keep you up and running. Enjoy a nice nap in the middle of the day with your hubby and you'll cherish these moments forever.

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4. Spend some quality time with each other... alone!

You could go out on a date, just talk about your day or watch your favourite shows on Netflix. Whatever it is, just make sure you spend a lot of time with each other before the baby is born.

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5. Go out for movies

Yep, especially if both or one of you is a movie buff. Taking a little kid along to a movie theatre is neither a good idea nor possible. So, you know what to do.


6. Host family get-togethers

And lastly, call all of your nears and dears and enjoy a night or two with the family. After the baby arrives, everybody's attention will be on him/her. So, enjoy the limelight while you can, eh? (just kidding!)

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