Pay Attention, Here's What Your Period Cycle Is Really Telling You About Your Health!

Pay Attention, Here's What Your Period Cycle Is Really Telling You About Your Health!

In addition to telling you whether or not you're pregnant, your period could indicate a lot more about your health and hormonal balance or imbalance. While no two periods look alike, there are still a few alarming signs when there are any major disparities in your cycle.

Does your period look or feel different this month? Don't ignore it, there could be indications of underlying health concern just waiting to be discovered. Unwelcome acne, hair fall, bloating, constipation, changes in hue and intensity of your period are just some of these indications.

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1. The Colour Of Your Flow

The colour and texture of your flow may sound like a gross topic to be discussing, but believe it or not it says a lot about your hormone health. A healthy blood flow is reddish, like cranberry red. If your flow is pinkish, watery, clotty and thick, brown or greyish - these could all be pointing at a larger health concern. A hormonal imbalance. Monitor your flow for a few weeks before getting alarmed. If you notice any of these things about your period flow, consult a gynaecologist immediately. 

2. Irregular Periods

While skipping periods is usually a sign of pregnancy, if you're not pregnant and haven't gotten your period in the last 30-35 days, it may be time to consult a gynaecologist. This could be a sign of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), low body fat, thyroid dysfunction or stress. 

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3. Painful And Heavy Periods

While all periods can be painful and heavy sometimes, if your symptoms are very persistent you may need to see a doctor. These could be indicators of endometriosis, fibroids, vaginal scarring and hormone imbalance. 

Sometimes your periods can totally mess with your skin too, here's how

4. Excessive Sebum Production

Right before your periods, your hormone levels experience a considerable spike - these are responsible for all the mood swings and bad decisions! The last 14 days of your cycle is when your pores get clogged and oil production spikes so make sure you cleanse your skin well and use a few anti-acne products handy. 

5. Visible Pores

About a week before your periods, your pores get clogged and may cause them to appear larger. The surge of progesterone and testosterone are responsible for this. Don't be alarmed and go crazy. Just chill, relax and put on a face mask and watch some Netflix. 

6. Dry Skin

During your periods, your skin tends to get dry. This is the main reason why doctor's ask you to stay hydrated. The dryness is caused by a drop in estrogen levels caused by the periods. 

7. Increased Sensitivity To The Sun

Doctors say that the hormones that clog your pores also increase your likelihood of redness and sun sensitivity. Don't skip the SPF before, during and immediately after your periods. Basically, wear sunscreen ladies. Ain't no umbrella wide enough to protect you from sun damage.

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