8 Cool Nap Worthy Boxers To Beat A Sweaty Summer | POPxo

'It's Getting Hot In Here! So Take Off All Your Clothes' And Put On These Boxers!

Boiling hot days, sweaty nights, sunburnt skin, hot AF car seats and not enough holidays. All that in one word? Summer. If you’re a fellow victim of the melting-hot climate, there are some things you’re thankful for, this summer. To name a few - air conditioners, ice lollies, crop tops etc. Crop tops help out in the day but what about the loo-like nights? What do you wear to bed?

too hot for pjs

Even with the AC cranked up, you need to let your arms and legs breathe. PJ sets are awesome, but if I ever chose to sleep the night in one of those, I’d wake up in my own sweat. Trust me. Open your closet door to boxer shorts, girls. They’re cheeky, they’re cute, they’re comfy AF. Think of them as your own bit of paradise in the hell that is summer heat, especially if you live in Delhi (ugh). To save you time, here’s the ultimate roundup of 8 nap-worthy boxer shorts to survive and win summer in. Go nuts:

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Published on Apr 14, 2018
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