7 Things You Should Not Be Talking Or Complaining About On Your Honeymoon!

7 Things You Should Not Be Talking Or Complaining About On Your Honeymoon!

Honeymoon is the best way to bridge the gap between you and your partner in an arranged marriage. It helps both of you to open up to each other and creates a better understanding. He gets to know what you like and you get an understanding of his dislikes. Talking to each other while exploring a new place has to be the most romantic thing in this world but it can all go south very quickly if the wrong things are discussed. So, stay away from the topics listed below.

1. Leave your past behind

Bringing up your past is never a good idea, definitely not on your honeymoon. You have a new life now, why ruin it by discussing your ex? No matter how good a friend your partner is to you, he will not be comfortable discussing it right now.

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2. Never discuss what went wrong at the wedding

The wedding is over. Focus on the good times that you're about to spend with your partner on your honeymoon. Discussing what went wrong at the wedding and what it could have been will only lead to arguments and disappointments. Avoid it.

3. Keep future planning for later

You have just got married and it’s about the two of you. Future planning and kids can wait. After all the stress and strains of the never-ending wedding rituals, all you need now is to relax.

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4. Don’t bug him for those countless pictures

We understand you are on your honeymoon and you need to flaunt on your social media, but don’t pester him to click your pictures over and again. You may not like it, but not everyone is as excited about clicking pictures and posting on social media. Instead, be in the moment and enjoy every bit of it without turning him into your Instagram husband.

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5. Stop complaining about the destination

You are in a new place, and you are bound to not like a few things. That’s absolutely normal. It doesn’t mean you constantly nag or complaint about it. It's not healthy and besides, it's spending some quality time together that matters most. So let go off what's not good and focus on what best you can make of the destination. 

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6. Keep your shopping spree in check

Don't make shopping a big deal. Get the souvenirs you need but you don't have to carry the entire market back home. Keep the shopping spree in check and it will give a boost to your pocket as well.

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7. Don't bring your work along

Everyone is busy and your work is important but during those few days, you can do without it. Don't check your work emails, keep those WhatsApp texts short and enjoy your time together.

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