Bored Of Wearing Your 20+ Off And Cold Shoulder Tops? Here's Help!

Bored Of Wearing Your 20+ Off And Cold Shoulder Tops? Here's Help!

Thought it was just you? Nope. Search ‘trends to ditch in 2018’ and you’ll see how many fashion girls all over the world second you. Enough of the off and cold shoulder trend, let’s warm it up a bit. Hot shoulders are what the doctor ordered. So, you’re wondering what you’ll do with a closet full all types of off-shoulder and cold-shoulder tops, dresses, jumpsuits and playsuits? Keep calm and hack on.

Yep, where there’s a will, there’s a way. And boy, do I have the will to put this overdone fashion trend behind me! There are DIY hacks you can work out to ditch the off-shoulder or cold-shoulder trend without having to throw all those tops away. Convenient, as well as economical. Here are hacks you can apply to welcome warm shoulders back:

1. Lose The Sleeves

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The root of the problem = the sleeves on your off-shoulder/ cold-shoulder tops. Cut the sleeves off your cold-shoulder piece and rock a sleeveless top instead. You get a chic strapless look if you lose the sleeves from your off-shoulder styles. Easy breezy.

2. Cover It Up

Give your shoulders some rest, will ya? Cover them up. Since it’s getting hotter by the second, kimonos and summer shrugs to the rescue! When winter rolls around, you know you have plenty of overcoat and jacket options waiting for you.

3. Add A Statement


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Extra shoulders are better than cold ones. Capische? Add some drama to your shoulders and cover them cold babies up. Two birds, one stone. I’m talking ruffles, fringe, tassels et al. For your off-shoulder tops, ask masterji to add straps, with statement details, as cover-ups.

4. Wear Them Warm

Most off-shoulder tops have a smocking stitch pattern that allows you to adjust the sleeves as you want. Just pull them all the way up, and wear your tops as regular, warm-shouldered pieces. Aah, good old simpler times.

5. One Is Better Than Two

bored of off-shoulder

I’m still quite fond of the one-shouldered trend, as is the fashion industry. It’s much chicer than the off-shoulder and one-shouldered look. So mix things up. Cover up one shoulder and leave the other bare. No effort, all the style. Isn’t this fun?

6. Layer Like You Mean It

bored of off-shoulder 2

The Devil Wears Prada taught me a lot of things. But there’s one thing that has never been more helpful than right now. Andrea aka Anne Hathaway had her ‘ugly duckling to stunning swan’ moment and showed us how to layer with off-shoulder tops. Just wear your crisp button-down shirt under your tired off-shoulder or cold-shoulder top and thank god for TDWP. P.S. You can wear dresses under ‘em too.


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