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#BeachyHairDontCare: Fake Vacation Hair Using These Salt Sprays!

Beachy waves and loose curls are universally accepted and certified bombshell hairstyles. While some people are just born with it, the other few of us mortals have to take things into our own hands and spritz our way to the beach. Even if you’re sitting trapped indoors through the weekend, you can look like you were hanging out by the ocean all day. With little effort and a few spritzes, you can transform your regular people hair into messy beachy waves.

Salt sprays can be pretty handy if you’ve already got wavy hair. They add a slightly gritty texture to your hair giving it slight kinks and waves. Ideal for every day or even vacations, salt sprays make it look like you’ve taken an effort to style your hair when you actually haven’t. Depending on how beachy you want your hair to look, layer the salt spray. Remember to spray only on your mid-length, you don’t want to get this on your roots. Also keep in mind to go easy on the spray though, since it is straight up sodium, it may make your hair dry.

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Published on Apr 2, 2018
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