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9 'Revenge Dresses' For When You're Going To Meet Your Ex! *Wink*

Full disclosure, ladies. We are not to be credited for coming up with the term ‘Revenge Dress’. This fashion term has been around for a while, with its roots set in one of the most stylish women in history. The first ‘Revenge Dress’ ever was Princess Diana's off-shoulder LDB designed by Christina Stambolian. Just prior to her wearing the dress in the summer of 1994, news of Prince Charles’ infidelity broke out and the public was highly sympathetic to the tall beauty. But rather than basking in the pity, Princess Diana showed up in this black number. Completely confident and comfortable in her skin, giving birth to the ‘Revenge Dress’!

1 internal revenge dress


Also, remember when Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber called it quits for the first time? By the time the 2016 GRAMMY Awards came around, it seemed that Bieber became indifferent and going on a spree of dating models. Selena showing up to the awards in this baller dress. It was so stunning that it probably had Justin plotting ways to get her back!

2 internal revenge dress


Breakups can be difficult, especially the one which go sour. There are many ‘pick-me-ups’ post a breakup, but none greater than sexy dresses to make your Ex realise what he’s going to be missing! So, think you are going to run into your ex on the Sunday soiree you are about to attend? We have a few ideas as to what you can wear!  

Love hurts. Break-ups suck! But life goes on. Ask us anything about how to deal with break-ups! Tune in to the #POPxoAMA on what to do #BreakKeBaad!

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Published on Apr 24, 2018
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