Give It A Break: 5 Dangers Of Going In For Waxing Appointments Too Often

Give It A Break: 5 Dangers Of Going In For Waxing Appointments Too Often

Every skin treatment and hair removal technique has some pros and cons and those are subjective for every person. You pick what is right for you by seeing if something has more pros for you or cons. But, there are some routine evils that we put ourselves through that might be harming us. Our waxing appointments would be one of those treatments. While most of us go through this pain once a month, there are a lot of people who sometimes end up going every two weeks or even 10 days! So, we’ve rounded up some dangers of waxing too much that would keep you away from making a trip too often to the salon.

Irritable skin

Most people do feel some sort of irritation after every waxing appointment, depending on the sensitivity of the skin. This irritation and redness takes a day to subside, at least, depending on the severity. If you subject your skin to this yanking ever so often, you could have severe redness and swelling that wouldn't bow out soon.

Bleeding And Rashes

If you have sensitive skin with more waxing appointments, you might see some bruising and rashes. This could result in a few sensitive areas bleeding as well.

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Burns And Discolouration

If the wax is very hot it could cause burns and discolouration which wouldn’t heal by the time you head out for your next appointment.

Loss Of Elasticity

Waxing is basically the pulling of the hair from the follicle, this is achieved by the strips that tug at your skin. This could affect the elasticity of your skin, which means those areas would have quicker pigmentation and prominent signs of ageing.

An Increased Risk Of Infection

This is especially true for people who get their pubic area waxed. When you wax you’re basically creating small wounds and doing that too often would result in rashes or bleeding which could get infected.

Ideally, your hair needs to be one and a quarter centimetres long before you go in for a waxing sesh, that way your hair responds better to wax and gets taken off without any damage. Of course, we aren’t asking you to measure the length, but going sooner than 3-4 weeks might not be good for your skin.

Here are some products we recommend you try:

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