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20 Honest Replies To When He Asks 'Where Is This Going?'

20 Honest Replies To When He Asks 'Where Is This Going?'

Every form of relationship has that haunting question, "Where is this going?" and in most situations, we nervously shy away from answering it or burst into defensive anger. However, the truth of dating is far from it. It is truly an enigma and sometimes you just want to be honest with your boyfriend. You just want to tell him that maybe you're clueless, maybe you're in love or maybe you're just... done. Either way, you may or may not have the courage to be that brutally honest. But we definitely know what your inner monologue wants to say, so here are a few honest replies to when he asks you, "Where is this going?" for every stage of your relationship. 

After The First Month

where is this going new couple

1. I need more time, I barely know you.

2. I... like spending time with you. 

3. I'm still trying to figure out if you're a serial killer or not. 

4. I think I'm in love, but it's too soon to tell you that. 

5. Can I let you know tomorrow?

When You're Dating 

01 where is this going cute couple ashton kutcher

6. Do you want to meet my parents?

7. I love you, can't we just end this at that.

8. Is this about the call I didn't pick up last night?

9. I think I want to marry you, have your little babies and spend the rest of my life annoying the f*ck out of you. How about you?

10. Hum ek baar jite hain, ek baar marte hain, aur pyaar, pyaar bhi ek hi baar hota hai...

On The Verge Of A Breakup 

02 where is this going kids cute couple fighting

11. Oh, no. What did I do this time?

12. I guess, nowhere anytime soon.

13. Ummm... is it too late to tell you that you're toxic and I'm done? 

14. Towards the exit. 

15. Nope, not today. 

When It's Just Complicated 

03 where is this going 500 days of summer

16. I'll tell you when I find out. 

17. Somewhere, anywhere, labels give me anxiety. 

18. To the bedroom, I hope. 

19. Oh, I was hoping you would know. 

20. Na tum jaano na hum...

Good luck, ladies!

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