18 Women Share That One Beauty Fix That Revs Up Their Mood Instantly

18 Women Share That One Beauty Fix That Revs Up Their Mood Instantly

We all have days when we feel meh. And we all have our customised pick-me-up routines. While mine has a whole lotta Netflix, wine and fried food to it, a beauty fix like a perfect base makes me feel more confident and perky any hour of the day. I asked 18 women about their one beauty habit that instantly lifts up their mood. And here’s what they had to say.

1. When I have some time, I like to paint my nails. I’m a little conscious of them but when I apply nail polish, I feel fabulous. I usually stick to nudes or go dramatic with reds. And a bit of glitter never disappoints!

-Manvi Malhotra, Senior Wedding Writer

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2. My favourite thing to do when I'm feeling low is a make-up haul. I buy make-up online ( I prefer Nykaa and Beauty Bay) and then wait like a child by the door for the bell to ring!

-Nidhi Kavle, Senior Beauty Writer

3. I don’t always apply make-up so when I have to go out, I just swipe tinted lip balm and I feel like I’m good to go.

-Manasvini Paul, Social Media Coordinator

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4. My highlighter is always in my bag - while travelling, at work or even when going to a meeting. I quickly highlight my cheekbones and the tip of my nose  for an instant #woke look.

-Rhea Guliani, Social Media Coordinator

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5. I like the way I look when I fill in and line my brows. I like how it frames your face and makes me feel more confident in general.

-Oshin Panwar, Social Media Coordinator

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6. I’m all about skin, so I love using rose water to stay refreshed and hydrated in summers.

-Arushi Sakhuja, Editorial Coordinator

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7. An instant pick-me-up for me would have to be a blow-dry. A simple out-curl or ringlets for parties, all I need is for my hair to be on-point. Even if I don’t have any make-up on, I feel good!

-Manasvi Jaitly, Wedding Editor

8. Applying a lipstick pumps up mood instantly. Once I apply my pink lipstick, I usually feel great and start taking selfies!

-Krithika Kumar, Senior Features Writer

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9. Even if I’m not wearing any make-up, I just apply a cream highlighter on days I’m feeling down. I think it’s a perfect hack for a filter-like glow.

-Arunima Rustagi, Senior Fashion Writer

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10. My favourite thing to do when nothing goes right is to just comb my hair and apply a bold lip colour. And just like that, all’s right with the world!

- Archana, Hindi Lifestyle Editor

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11. An eyebrow pencil. I feel it gives my face some structure. Even if I’m not carrying a foundation or a lipstick, I’ve always got my pencil with me.

- Nitya Uppal, Assistant Editor

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12. I’m not big on make-up but every time I want to look my best, I use a lotion that gives me an instant glow as well as medium coverage. I always carry it even when you’re travelling

-Akshita Nahar Jain, Fashion Editor

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13. When I don’t have a plate of hot steamy momos to save the day, a face mist comes to my rescue. A spritz of it and I’m back to being me!

- Sayunkta Jain, Senior Fashion Writer

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14. I eat ice cream to put on sheet masks, instant glow, and it’s kind of refreshing, something so therapeutic.

-Akanksha Bhatia, Lifestyle Writer

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15. I think I’m more of a hair spa girl. It makes my hair soft and flip-worthy! And that makes me feel great!

-Isheeta Sharma, Junior Lifestyle Editor

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16. Come summer and it’s time to keep your feet squeaky clean. I always feel more confident when my tips and toes are primped. If I’m not at the salon getting a pedicure, I use a foot file to do my best!

-Sakshi Buddhiraja, Junior Beauty Editor

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17. Lipsticks are something that I always carry in my bag ( a pink and a nude ). It always has the power to uplift my mood, whenever I am sick, feeling low or restless!

-Deepali Porwal, Junior Hindi Editor

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18. I am a chronic-cold person. No, I am not cold personally, thank you for assuming that, but I have a constant allergy to something or the other. So, I am usually sick every other month/week. What gives me a pick me up, is bold lashes! A combination of 2 good mascaras and I am good. I can be barefaced or look like Rudolph, but my lashes HAVE TO BE on point!

-Kannagi Desai, Junior Beauty Editor

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What’s your pick-me-up?


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