#BeenThere: Things Your Mom Is DEFINITELY Going To Say About Your Extensions!

#BeenThere: Things Your Mom Is DEFINITELY Going To Say About Your Extensions!

There’s no doubt that both nail and hair extensions can really enhance your look and give you the talons and tresses of your dreams! With hair extensions, you get the length, texture and thickness you desire, and with nail extensions, you can have whatever shape, length and quirky nail art you’ve wanted ever since you joined Pinterest. However, all this comes at a cost. Not just what you shell out of your bag and also your mom's reaction.

Tell her you’re going for a new look, and it’s never going to go down well. Speaking from personal experience, you can never predict what's going to come out of your mom's mouth. Here are a few reactions we've braved through. 

1. ‘Pata chal raha hai it’s all FAKE!’

Well, because mom knows EVERYTHING!


2. ‘Please get these monstrous nails off me!’

Coz’ she ain’t into zombies!

3. ‘What if you and your brother have a fight and he pulls off your hair extensions?!’

Mom, that’s SO 1995!

3 extensions

4. ‘You’re spoiling your hair by tampering with it so much!’

Natural beauty and all that jazz.

5. ‘Hello, Miss Brittle Nails!’

To put it straight up, that will invariably be the case once them gel nails are off.

5 extensions

6. That egg pack I beg you to use weekly… had you listened to me you wouldn’t need these extensions!’

Because what’s a weekend without some DIY beauty treatments, right?

7. ‘All your money goes on your hair and nails! WHEN WILL YOU START SAVING?!’

After all, beauty comes at a price (quite literally)!

7 extensions

Before your mommy’s comments get to you, take a look at these products that’ll make your hair and nail extensions look stunning.

POPxo Recommends:

1. Nails & More Nla (Rs 250)  

2. Havells NP2001 Nail Shiner (Rs 1,346)

3. Kinetics Funny Penguin Nail K-Sponge (Rs 174)

4. Balmain Paris Hxp 1 Pc Color 30Cm Hair Extension - Elegant Brown (Rs 1,199)

5. Streak Street Ombre Clip-On Hair Extensions - Wood Brown (Rs 1,499)


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