These 8 Heartwarming Stories Of Women Supporting Women Made Our Day!

These 8 Heartwarming Stories Of Women Supporting Women Made Our Day!

There were two defining moments in my life that made me incredibly proud that I was born a woman: the first was when I got my period, of course. And the second, was the day my best friend of 14 years abandoned every single thing that was happening in her life and showed up at my door to be with me when I was entering the early stages of my depression.

Women friendships are one of the purest and most powerful relationships on the planet. Even if it’s a woman you’ve barely known, just met, or have been friends with for all your life, the bond between two women is unparalleled to anything one could ever experience in a lifetime. And I know hundreds of women who can vouch for it in a heartbeat.

This International Women’s Day, we asked all you amazing women to tell us how you have come across another female helping hand in your hour of need. Whether it was a stranger, friend, colleague, or family member; any woman who has ever been there for you when you least expected it. And here are some of the most heartwarming #WomenForWomen anecdotes that have lifted our spirits today!

1. A rick in time!

I was getting late for college one day, and I had to reach class in exactly 7 minutes for my lecture. I had an important presentation due, but I couldn’t get a ride. All the auto-rickshaws were full and the others refused to go. Ola wasn’t working in my area and I really didn’t know what to do. An auto passed by, and the girl travelling in it with her friend recognised I was another Christ college student, thanks to my ID card. She stopped the auto, asked her other friend to squeeze in, and offered me a ride to college. It was the sweetest thing a stranger had ever done for me, and I made it for my presentation right on time!

- Betty George, Student

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2. Senior samaritan to the rescue

My PhD supervisor’s interview was being broadcasted on Doordarshan and me along with my other seniors, classmates and juniors were there in the Doordarshan office. The programme got over and we were leaving for our university and that was the time I realised I got my period and one of my very sweet senior rescued me by giving me a sanitary napkin. I will always be thankful to her!

- Ekta Singh, POPxo Reader

3. Protectors in the Mumbai local

I was travelling in a really crowded train once and a part of my top got caught in some ladies' handbag and tore my top literally in half while she got off the train. A whole side was gone and I was almost entirely exposed. Two kind ladies who were standing right next to me heard the tear. One took off her dupatta, and the other one tied it around me in a way that didn't look odd, but at the same time covered me well. My station was approaching in less than a minute and I don't know what I'd have done without them that day. I still have that dupatta and I think I'll always have it as a keepsake.

- Shasvathi Siva, Entrepreneur

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4. A friend in need is a friend indeed!

Few weeks ago I was at a wedding event handling the hospitality desk. There was a guest in our list from USA, Ms Hailey who needed sanitary napkins. She was roaming here and there in the hotel asking people if they had a sanitary napkin or something. She even asked the hotel reception but they said they don't have any. She came to me and asked me if I had one. I gave her the one I had in my bag. And she was so delighted with this gesture of mine that while checking out she thanked me many times. So in my situation, it was me who got the good opportunity to help other women when in need for one of the most basic things.

- Nikita, POPxo Reader

5. The restroom sweetheart

My friend once had a lot to drink in a pub we were at and she was throwing up in the washroom, while I soothed her. We were keeping a lot of people waiting in line, and I felt awful, but I was panicking about making my friend feel better. Suddenly there was an urgent knock on the bathroom stall and as I opened the door to apologise to whoever was out there, I saw a woman looking very worried. She offered to get warm water with lemon in it to help out my sick friend. That was the sweetest thing I had ever encountered in a public restroom.

- Chethana Venkataraghavan, Lawyer

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6. Group effort

I was shopping in Sarojini Nagar alone, like I usually do. I saw two very pretty dresses but had no idea which one to choose. I was standing talking to the bhaiya for a good 10 minutes when a group of girls approached me and told me which dress, they thought, would look better. It was funny yet super sweet.

- Isheeta Sharma, Writer

7. The guardian angel

This one time I was traveling in the local bus and I wasn’t paying attention to the man behind me who seemed to be up to no good. A kind lady stood up behind me and started yelling at the man. When I asked what the matter was, it turned out that he was a pervert and she could sense his intentions, and she averted the danger just so that I could be safe!

- Ritika Vipul, POPxo Reader

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8. The washroom emotional support

I was in the washroom of my office one day when I heard a very tiny, but a very noticeable sniff from the stall next to mine. I was startled to hear a sob follow almost immediately after the sniff. I couldn’t possibly rap loudly on the door and scare whoever was in there. Neither could I get myself to just walk out of the washroom and pretend like nothing ever happened. The sobbing was so heartbreaking, I knew I had to do something. I unrolled three sheets of toilet paper, and using the pen that I had in my pocket, I scribbled a hasty note on them saying, “I don’t know you, but hope you feel better soon. Please be strong! *hugs* :)” I got down to my knees, and slipped the wad of tissues face first (where the writing was) to the stall next to mine. I saw a pair of fingers pick up the tissues. As I was leaving the stall, I heard a whispered “Thank you” and it made my day knowing I had helped a stranger just a little bit.

- Sumadhura Pal, HR Executive

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