Here's Why You Should Drink Water First Thing In The Morning

Here's Why You Should Drink Water First Thing In The Morning

How many times have you made a conscious decision to drink MORE water, and then not followed through. Been there, done that kinda situation, isn’t it? So here’s a little something to urge you to start drinking up to one litre of water on an empty stomach, as soon as you wake up. And ladies, if this doesn't push you hard enough, then we don’t know what will, because the benefits of drinking water are more than plenty! Have a look, and get on the health wagon right away.  

1. Wake Up And Make-Up!

Start your morning right, and the day will be a good one. Haven’t we all heard this? So ladies, guzzle a litre of water as soon as you wake up, before you eat anything else, and you will be energetic and super active instantly. This is because drinking water on an empty stomach stimulates the growth of red blood cells in the body, which results in more oxygen and energy in your system. So, no more sluggish, lazy mornings!

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2. Boost Your Metabolism

Drinking water before you consume anything else in the morning increases your metabolism by 25 percent! This helps you digest your food better and aids weight loss too! Wouldn’t you like that? In fact, a lot of nutritionists recommend adding gooseberry or aloe vera juice to your morning water.

3. Flush Out Them, Toxins!

Each time you urinate, your body flushes out toxins. Therefore, drinking plenty of water just as you wake up will lead to a body detox and a healthy you!

4. Colon Cleanse, Anyone?

Accumulated sludge in your colon can turn out to be extremely unhealthy in the long run. Sipping on water on an empty stomach will take care of this, help your body absorb nutrients better and improve your overall health. Keep that water bottle handy, we say.

5. Say Hello To A Healthy Glow

Yes, ladies, we know you’re already familiar with the importance of hydrating yourself. But we had to include this point in this post. Drinking water early morning will ensure your skin wakes up too and has a healthy glow all day. If you don’t like drinking plain water, you can have lemon or cucumber infused water.  

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6. Good Hunger Pangs

Drinking a good amount of water in the morning helps clear your bowels. This, in turn, ensures that your system is clear and you’re ready for a hearty breakfast on time. And remember to eat breakfast ‘like a king’!

7. Bid Goodbye To Headaches

Dehydration is believed to be among the root causes of frequent headaches. Drinking water on an empty stomach increases the growth of red blood cells and oxygen in your body. This takes care of headaches and general overall health. Added bonus - this will also keep oral and dental problems at bay!

8. Better Your Immunity

Maintaining the fluid balance in your body is imperative for good health and functioning. It keeps you hydrated, helps you fight off infections and keeps the body toxin-free.

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