If The 12 Months Were People, Here's What They Would Be Like!

If The 12 Months Were People, Here's What They Would Be Like!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the months of the year had different personalities like people do? Ever thought about which month you'd be friends with and which one you'd hate? Would April be the jester of the gang and play practical jokes on everyone? Will December be the guy who parties until 4 am and regrets nothing even after a horrid hangover? It is a weird thought but an interesting one at that! Well, here is a glimpse at what the months of the year would be like if they were people!

1. January

Aah Jan! The overenthusiastic person who is all talk, no walk. He will actively search for gym memberships, start self-care and detox diets to cleanse the body and make several promises. He'll cheer you on excitedly on all your new goals, will forever keep reminding you that it's a new day and a new life and promise to support you through your troubles. But in all likelihood, he will end up breaking more than 90 percent of all mentioned promises, just like all the budgets he made for the entire year only to promptly go on a spending spree. But that's just how he rolls. 

1 if months were people - enthusiastic jan

2. February

He's the one who reminds you of the much-loved people in your life and eagerly looks forward to keeping you warmer than the previous months of abysmal winter. With him, times passes by quicker than usual. He's likely to break all new year resolutions, and party hard. As a lover, he'll give you only one week of intense love and romance, only to get lazy and unattentive later. 

3. March

The kind-hearted girl who you can trust with all your secrets. The one you would turn to for emotional advice, and practical decisions in your life. She makes for an amazing road-trip partner, offers to help you plan, pack, and follow through on every single item on your checklist - personal or professional. A coffee-junkie for most parts, but will accompany you for hot chai even on cold rainy days. Basically, she's your soul sister.

3 if months were people - positive best friend march

4. April

The moody friend who is temperamental enough to make rash decisions when angry or sad. A loyal friend, and quite the prankster in the group. Has a series of talents that he shows off when he gets a chance but can be very secretive when needed. He'll never take shit from people on the outside, but on the inside, he is a big softy! 10 on 10 will goad you into a beer chugging competition and take care of you later as you're throwing up.

5. May

Jealousy may be the worst trait for the of May, but loyalty is paramount. Lies, betrayal, and negative vibes can harm her, but she's got your back when you need her. Sometimes stays aloof and is a pretty hot-headed person most of the time. Can spend hours locked up in a room and not bother to step out until the sun has set. Also capable of staying mad for really long but cools down after a lot of effort.

5 if months were people - loyal but angry may

6. June

This is the lazy dude who is in maximum chill-mode always and couldn't care much about a lot of things in life. Not too many strong political opinions neither a cause that they would fight for passionately. You'll find him 'meh'-ing through life, and quite frankly, he doesn't give a hoot that you've had a terrible Monday. He is already busy napping into oblivion! 

7. July

Can't be found indoors at any time because she is too busy biking through picturesque lanes during monsoons. Ultimate chai and biskoot lover, extremely romantic in nature, and constantly sings Arijit Singh songs about long lost love. Die-hard Bollywood movie fan, and will offer to be the Simran to your Raj if you give her the chance.

P.S: Will very likely swipe the umbrella out of your hand and waltz with you in the rain. 

7 if months were people - rain loving july

8. August

If you can't give him attention, to be honest, he doesn't want to be in your life. You need to tell him what he means to you and how special his company makes you feel. He'll reciprocate his love for your friendship with gestures that are larger than life, though. Remember, he can't do low-key, at all. If he is your best friend, the world will know it. If he is your mortal enemy, you will DEFINITELY know it. And if he is the man of your dreams, you can't do any better than him - or so he'd like you to believe! 

9. September

The workaholic who can't bear even a second of unproductive energy around him. He needs to be on time everywhere and growls at people who aren't. Bespectacled and a major comic geek, he will love it if you give him fandom merchandise as birthday and Christmas gifts, and will probably ask for your Goodreads to-read list to gift you a book on your special day. 

9 if months were people - book loving punctual september

10. October

The adrenaline junkie who will take you up on a challenge to go bungee jumping from a cliff, and even whoop your ass in a competitive game of air-hockey in a gaming arcade. Goofy, adorable, always on the go, and the perfect partner-in-crime for all your adventurous sports. Will also probably be the one dragging your lazy ass to the gym because she hates couch potatoes and would rather go cycling with you instead. 

11. November

Your quintessential social butterfly! If there's a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, or even a baby shower - this girl is there! She uses every holiday as an excuse to meet and socialise every person in her life. Festivals are her cup of tea, and she has an outfit ready for every occasion. Fun, fantastic dresser, people-person, and your best friend for keeps! 

11 if months were people - socialising november

12. December

This one is a party animal through and through. She is always the centre of attention and people can't get enough of her, no matter where she goes. She loves to spend money and hoards gifts like it's nobody's business. Always sends new year messages to every single contact on her list, and calls up every friend, family, member, colleague, and college professor to wish them a happy year. Is also capable of being the most hungover all the time.

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