#POPxoTurns4: We Asked Team POPxo What The Company Means To Them...

#POPxoTurns4: We Asked Team POPxo What The Company Means To Them...

What began in 2014 as a website for women to feel comfortable in their own skin, soon turned into POPxo - the largest digital community of women in India. It’s been four years since and we are happy to successfully celebrate our birthday with our readers. As an ode to what the company stands for, we asked some of our oldest members to share what POPxo personally means to them and we got some heart-warming replies.

1. I've Not Just Had Colleagues But Friends


POPxo to me is not just a job. It's a space, that has always pushed me to do better, to always be a better version of myself, it's a place where I've not just had colleagues but friends. One of the most important things I've learned here is that there is no space for “I cannot” or “I tried” when you want your dreams to come true, there is only “I will”. I joined a timid, shy, scared person but over time thanks to being able to work with my founder directly, I'm a completely different person.

- Ragini Kapoor, Sales Manager

2. You Can Make Anything Happen


POPxo means everything to me! I have spent hours, days, months and years in the POPxo office that has expanded from one room and 12 employees to 3 floors and 140 employees! My biggest learning has been that you can make anything happen (in the shortest possible time).

- Palki Malhotra, VP, Plixxo

3. This Powerhouse Is Built From Scratch By Strong Indian Women, For Strong Indian Women.


When I was offered the job at POPxo, I was certain that I wanted to take it up. But it wasn't the perfect office, or my job role that made the decision for me. At my final interview, I was grilled for hours by two very smart, interesting women. I was sure that I wanted to learn and grow with a company that was run by them. It's been a year, it still inspires me that this powerhouse is built from scratch by strong Indian women, for strong Indian women.

- Nitya Uppal, Assistant Editor

4. It’s Been A Hell Of An Adventure


For me, working at POPxo has been a hell of an adventure! In these four years, it has taught me how to be confident, humble, optimistic and passionate at whichever task I set my mind to do. Each person in the team has been an inspiration and I couldn't be happier to share this platform with such creative minds. In a nutshell, I'm extremely grateful and blessed to be a part of this magnificent journey!

- Sharon Alphonso, Beauty Writer

5. It’s Not For The Faint Hearted


POPxo is very personal to me. It's about what you can achieve if you have the drive, the focus and the ambition. It's not for the faint-hearted! But the satisfaction and the gratification is tremendous. The four years I have spent here - I have grown by leaps and bounds. Every day is a new day for me -  a day to prove myself, to do what I thought I couldn't do yesterday and POPxo provides this environment for me to just blossom. I am blessed to be part of the POPxo family.

- Sanjana Eipe, Sales Lead - South and West India

6. Girl Power Should Never Be Underestimated!

priyanka ghura

Every day at POPxo brings something new and unexpected with it, pushing us to heights we never knew we could reach. Amongst its many achievements, what I’m most proud about being part of is the fact that POPxo represents strong, modern, independent Indian women - just like the team who built it. Its taught me that no task is too big or impossible to achieve. Our Founder’s never-give-up attitude and sheer drive is something that never fails to inspire me, even today when we’re four years strong. There’s still so much more that we’re setting out to do and this magnificent, rollercoaster ride of a journey to me will always signify strength, ambition, growth and the fact that girl power should never be underestimated!

- Priyanka Ghura, Assistant Editor

7. Will Always Mean More Than 'Just Another Job' To Me


Every morning, for the last two and a half years, I've woken up and left for work with a smile on my face and a pinch of excitement in my heart. That's what POPxo means to me... A workplace buzzing with new ideas and an energy that makes you push harder and do better. It's a proud feeling to see an office grow from one room with 20 people to a fancy building with a strength of 140 employees and numbers that just keep growing! This place that I've spent a good half of my days at for so long will always mean more than 'just another job' to me.

- Manasvi Jaitly, Wedding Editor