So What Is The Courtship Period Really Like... Five Brides-To-Be Reveal!

So What Is The Courtship Period Really Like... Five Brides-To-Be Reveal!

We have read about it and seen it unfold in movies and TV shows, but how many of us know what exactly is the much-hyped courtship period like? The period between the engagement and the wedding, the time when your relationship with your fiance reaches new heights and you’re officially referred to as the bride and groom-to-be! Well, who can tell better than the ones who are actually experiencing it, right? We got 5 soon-to-be brides to spill the beans on what really it’s like - exciting or unnerving or just about over-hyped!

1. It’s every bit beautiful and yet every bit unnerving!

It’s a whirlwind of emotions, a bittersweet feeling. On one end, I’m really happy that I’m about to begin a new life with someone I love, but on the other hand, I’m letting go of what my life and people have been before this. This is especially true because I’m moving cities. While I understand that change is the only constant in life, this change is every bit beautiful and yet every bit unnerving. Actually, it's also what you make of the phase - the shopping, the preparation and everything - you can choose to make it fun or scary or exciting and I chose to make it as fun as it could get.

- Sakshi Budhraja, Junior Beauty Editor, POPxo

2. It’s like a cheesy Bollywood movie!

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I met my fiance in college and after 6 months of being together, I got through a scholarship program in London. Before I moved, we decided to take the relationship a step further and have a roka ceremony. Our parents were super happy about it and well, it was done. Post that, I moved to London. Our courtship period is a healthy mix of anxiousness, excitement and cheesy romance that could put Bollywood movies to shame. We constantly text, Skype and are just eagerly waiting for the wedding to happen at the end of this year.

- Paakhi Nanda, Jaipur

3. It has its own pros and cons, I guess!

My fiance and I dated each other for 3 years before we finally decided to take the plunge and got engaged last month. And we always thought that we had a very special relationship - full of understanding and concern. We were eagerly waiting for the courtship period to begin, but when it did, it was nothing like I had expected it to be. The pressure of planning the perfect wedding is taking a toll on our ever so strong relationship. We have been having constant fights about the decor, the caterer and even the colour scheme. I had definitely not expected our courtship period to be like this!

- Archita Bansal, Mumbai

4. Skype - an angel in disguise for long distance courtships!


It was a little tough for us because ours was a long distance relationship. He was finishing his Master's in Belgium while I was in Mumbai. But, we made it work - thanks to Skype. Our parents met last July and we got engaged. I thought it was the end of our long distance suffering but as luck would have it, my new job took me to Delhi and his took him to Mumbai. The most beautiful part of our courtship is that since we stay miles away from each other, the longing to see each other at the end of a hectic day (on a video call, obviously) just keeps us going. It is magical. The frustrations of not being able to see each other just vanishes and there is an instant smile on my face whenever the phone rings. Ours is a love marriage, but there’s still so much excitement. We found love in the least expected place, decided to never let it go and are enjoying each and every moment of it.

- Anannya Chatterjee, Senior Wedding Writer, POPxo

5. It’s like dating for an arranged marriage couple

I and my partner haven’t been together very long - just two months to be precise. Ours is an arranged match and we had a quiet roka ceremony last week. The wedding is in November and for me, this period is the time when I and my fiance are trying to get to know each other better. We are trying to figure out what to expect and what to accept about each other. We are making constant efforts to keep each other interested and impressed because it’s all so new. It’s really all about the excitement and anticipation of our future together!

- Nitika Jain, Delhi

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