9 Cute Ways To Break The Ice In An Arranged Marriage!

9 Cute Ways To Break The Ice In An Arranged Marriage!

An arranged marriage setting can be overwhelming, but at times, it is the best way to meet your soulmate. At least there is one bright side to it - you don't need to convince the families! But even if you meet  'the one' through an arranged meeting, how do you know more about each other? Breaking the ice with a stranger can be tricky, here are few tips that will help you handle all the awkward silences with elan!

1. Share more time

That might sound a bit cliche but you need to spend more time with your partner, as you haven’t had that opportunity before marriage. He wasn’t your boyfriend. Hence, to understand each other better, know what your partner likes or doesn’t, what are his goals and pet peeves. Spend more time with him to understand get to know him better.

2. Pick casual settings

Yes! To open up to your partner and be able to speak your mind and heart out, you need to avoid formal settings and gatherings. You need to choose a place that is comfortable for both of you as it helps in having clear conversations.

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3. Small gestures matter

It’s a given that you both won’t be able to give each other as much time as you like considering your busy work schedules but small cute gestures matter. For instance, sending a bouquet with a sweet note or a sweet text complimenting each other would help big time to break the ice between the two of you.

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4. Book shopping

Books get people talking; you both can bond over your favourite novels and even have long conversations discussing them. Who knows, you might find your soulmate through your favourite author.

5. Get friends involved

Friends often are the best ice-breakers. Let your bestie do the heavy lifting of clearing those awkward silences between the two of you. We bet, you will thank them later!

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6. Wine and dine

Stick to a classic norm of dating and wine and dine in style! Food is a great connector, talk about your favourite cuisine and must-go food places. And that little bit of wine will also help you lower your guards.

7. Cook together

This can be a bold idea if you can execute it properly. Cooking is a stress buster and brings out the artist in most people. It's also a collaboration - you chop, he cooks, it’s a match! And often, there’s a chance of that Bollywood style romance to peep in between the two of you. Not a bad idea, right?

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8. Visit an amusement park

Bring out the inner child in each other with a fun day at an amusement park. The rides take you straight back to childhood and will let memories flow into conversations. Also, on the roller-coaster, you will automatically cling on to his arm. *Wink*

9. Dance lessons

Even if you are not as passionate as your partner when it comes to dance, still try and give it a try. Join a dance class together and get some time to spend with each other. Dance gets you closer and the giggles that occur every time one of you misses a step are priceless!

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